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Bailey slams Pritzker’s condemnation of unvaccinated Illinoisans


XENIA – State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) slammed Governor Pritzker's condemnation and threat of unvaccinated Illinoisans he made during a press conference Monday. 

“Pritzker’s rhetoric is abhorrent and has no place in any civil discussion. Regardless of your vaccination status, if you get sick, I hope you get better," Bailey said in a statement issues Monday afternoon.  "The role of government is not to coerce and control residents, but to educate them and provide them resources to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

"Pritzker is a failed, mandate candidate who wants to control you and your family. Working families can’t survive another four years of Pritzker’s failures. I’ll eliminate his mandates and take a more balanced and local approach to provide necessary resources and earn public trust without unilateral mandates and lockdowns further destroying our fragile economy.” 


Bailey's came in response to Pritzker saying to Chicago media, "“If you are unvaccinated and you get very sick, you’ll be filling a bed that would have been available for your ailing spouse or your parent or your child, or someone else’s child, someone with cancer, or a heart attack, or seriously injured in a car accident." 

He went on to blame possible deaths on the unvaccinated.

“If we are forced to move to a crisis standard of care in our hospitals, it will be because massive numbers of unvaccinated people chose to let others go without quality care, (and) even more people will die," Pritzker said, according to a Chicago Tribune story published after the conference.


  1. Little Lord Fauntleroy Pritzker is a disaster to Illinois. On June 2, 2020 on First Avenue in Maywood, Pritzker was putting on one of his shows of lies for an African American audience how he – LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY was going to “REVERSE” the disinvestment of Maywood and surrounding communities! Then and now everyone knows FAUNTLEROY was lying – as how many Hyatt Hotels are under construction in Maywood, Bellwood, Stone Park, Broadview or Melrose Park? Pritzker is a lying machine.

  2. You are all so pissed because you hate accountability for YOUR decisions. Unvaccinated put them in a tent outside the hospital its all fake anyway? right? isn’t that what you’ve been pushing. Fake deaths. SO why should you care? the treatment according to you is WRONG without horse dewormer. Let the sick stay home and suck on their dewormer.
    Leave the hospital to the folks who need healthcare other than covid. .
    Unvaccinated make up the majority of hospital beds why should MY taxes pay for these suicidal political first health last Trumptards.

  3. I would hope that Darren and Stephanie would address removing the satanic sculpture that is in the Capitol rotunda. It is offensive in idea and execution, and adds to the tarnishing of the reputation of Illinois as a viable state. It is my hope they will have this abomination removed and returned to sender.

  4. In response to Pritzker, my family who remains unvaccinated came into contact with 3 covid positive FULLY VACCINATED people recently which caused us to go into quarantine. One of which caused one of her FULLY VACCINATED patients, who died from getting covid while being fully vaccinated, and none of my family ever got sick. Not 1 of us unvaccinated individual rebels got sick even though we worked closely and hugged and shared drinks with a covid positive FULLY VACCINATED individual. So pritzker can take his misinformation and threats and bullying and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Bailey has my vote.

  5. You mean like homosexuals failed to stop the behaviors which were known to transmit HIV/AIDS??? Those who knowingly took risks and contracted HIV/AIDS still received medical treatment even after they exposed others to the deadly disease.

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