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How ‘Science’ Went Woke


“Believe in science.”

You’ve probably seen that common—and silly—trope on left-wing political lawn signs. But what does it mean?

Science is a method, a tool, but those lawn signs seem to be calling for something else.

The statement instead most likely signifies that one believes in the politically compromised science of institutions promoting ideological outcomes.

It means believing in the American Medical Association, which now wants to drop the notation of sex from birth certificates without any medical justification.

It means trusting in health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when they call “racism” a public health threat, worthy of suspending COVID-19 precautions for the sake of pro-social justice and Black Lives Matter protests, but for nothing else.

What we are seeing in America and throughout the West is a corruption of institutions in the name of ideology, in which merit is coming under assault in pursuit of political conformity.

A series of studies demonstrate how our institutions have become warped and made to serve this narrow interest at the expense of any pretense of meritocracy.

This transformation is fully underway.



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