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Let Us Prey? How A ‘Christian’ Suicide Bomber Exposed Muslims Faking Conversions To Avoid Deportation




The contradictions between the West’s mercy and self-loathing collided so violently that it produced what may be a first: an alleged “Christian” suicide bomber.

On November 14, Emad Al Swealmeen hailed a taxi to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, where the explosive device he carried detonated earlier than he intended. It is not known whether the 32-year-old Iraqi national intended to blow up the hospital or the nearby Liverpool Cathedral, which was holding a service for Remembrance Day, the UK version of Memorial Day. He knew the latter building intimately; he had been confirmed there in 2017. He lost his asylum case in 2014 and an appeal in 2015, but he took a five-week Alpha Course, changed his name to Enzo Almeni. and was baptized in the Church of England.

His attack came just a month after a British court turned down an appeal from another unlikely convert, Khairi Saadallah. The 25-year-old Muslim, who fought in the Libyan revolution that turned the nation into a haven for Islamist terrorists, publicly “converted” to Catholicism after arriving in the UK. Yet, witnesses say he shouted, “Allahu akbar and “Allah accept my jihad”as he stabbed three British men to death last June. “I’m going to paradise for the jihad, what I did to them,” he said, according to police.



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