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Monthly Archives: December, 2021


Johnson: Judgment Matters – As Biden Obsesses Over Omicron, Fentanyl Overdoses Surge

By Ben Johnson -  A week before Christmas, President Joe Biden issued a stern and apocalyptic warning to the great unvaccinated masses: “We are looking at a...

Cook County mayors stand against Preckwinkle’s vaccine proof


Bailey slams Pritzker’s condemnation of unvaccinated Illinoisans

XENIA - State Senator Darren Bailey (R-Xenia) slammed Governor Pritzker's condemnation and threat of unvaccinated Illinoisans he made during a press conference Monday.  “Pritzker’s rhetoric...

Pritzker blames unvaccinated Illinoisans for hospital overload threat

CHICAGO - Just as the Omicron variant is hitting Illinois, at a press conference Monday, Governor Pritzker blamed those refusing COVID vaccinations for the...

Rossi: Covid School Shutdowns and Masks Caused Massive Damage to Over 48 Million US Kids in K-12

By Randy Rossi -  Tragically, this Covid hysteria has caused more unnecessary and severe damage to American children than has ever been seen in...

Biden Criticized for Promoting “Jim Crow” Vaccination Mentality

WASHINGTON DC - Just before Christmas, members of the Project 21 black leadership network called President Joe Biden's leadership into question after he demanded...

Di Leo: Joe Manchin, Giant-Killer?

by John F. Di Leo -  In the great Woody Allen comedy, Love and Death, Allen plays a Russian nebbish who is celebrated for his heroism...


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