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Di Leo: Joe Manchin, Giant-Killer?



by John F. Di Leo –Joe Manchin Headshot 

In the great Woody Allen comedy, Love and Death, Allen plays a Russian nebbish who is celebrated for his heroism when, after hiding in a cannon during a battle, he gets fired into the Napoleonic command tent, taking down four enemy generals and thereby winning the battle.  His rival, played by Harold Gould, derides his newfound celebrity with the understated line, “I understand your heroism was quite inadvertent.”

Americans may soon realize that the newfound celebrity of U.S. Senator Joe Manchin may be due to something similar.

The Build Back Better Bill, also known as the $5 Trillion spending plan, or the $2 Trillion spending plan, or the $3.5 Trillion spending plan, or the Moving Target spending plan, is essentially the Green New Deal married to a Welfare State wish list, with an alliterative and euphemistic title slapped on top for PR.

Conservatives rightly oppose it, not merely because it’s expensive, but because it includes a litany of distinct policy directions that are dead wrong for this country – wrong, in fact, for any country.

For Example…

More, in the American Thinker, here…


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