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UPDATE: Thousands file opposition to mandatory vaccine registry idea



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UPDATE: Wednesday morning's hearing on HB 4244 was postponed, as the House Human Services Committee did not have the needed quorum. Since Monday, the number of bill opponents more than doubled – from over 5000 to now over 12,000, with more being added hourly.

{A3460802-617C-4097-B043-6D63A11278AC}SPRINGFIELD – Illinois lawmakers will once again be contemplating another political "hot potato" when they return to the State Capitol this week. As of Monday morning, 5526 (Update now: 5579) opponents have signed onto the Illinois General Assembly website to submit witness slips against HB 4244, a bill introduced and sponsored by only one Democrat lawmaker – Lake County resident Bob Morgan. 

HB 4244 would require all doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and medical centers to register their patients' personal immunizations with a state-run database.  Currently, the state immunization registry already in place is optional. 

Some Morgan constituents are not happy with their state rep's idea. They're calling for neighbors to contact Morgan's office and file opposition slips.

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Rep. Morgan's bill is scheduled to be heard in the Democrat-controlled House Human Services' Committee Wednesday morning January 19th at 9 am. 

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Members of the Human Services Committee are: 

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Candidates at the federal level are drawing attention to the measure. Republican congressional candidates Jim Marter (IL-14) and Keith Pekau (IL-6) have asked their Facebook followers to file witness slips. 

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Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 11.00.07 AM

The response to HB 4244 is stirring opposition similar to a bill State Rep. Jonathan Carroll (D-Chicago) introduced and pulled after thousands of Illinoisans responded negatively. Carroll's bill would have required unvaccinated persons in Illinois to pay their own medical bills if hospitalized with COVID. 

Opposition to Rep. Morgan's bill, HB 4259, was unprecedented. Thousands filed opposition witness slips online

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    All men are by nature free and independent and have
    certain inherent and inalienable rights among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights and the protection of property, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession
    and worship, without discrimination, shall forever be
    guaranteed, and no person shall be denied any civil or
    political right, privilege or capacity, on account of his
    religious opinions; but the liberty of conscience hereby
    secured shall not be construed to dispense with oaths or
    affirmations, excuse acts of licentiousness, or justify
    practices inconsistent with the peace or safety of the State.
    No person shall be required to attend or support any ministry or place of worship against his consent, nor shall any preference be given by law to any religious denomination or mode of worship. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    The people shall have the right to be secure in their
    persons, houses, papers and other possessions against
    unreasonable searches, seizures, invasions of privacy or
    interceptions of communications by eavesdropping devices or other means. No warrant shall issue without probable cause, supported by affidavit particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    The power abusing communist-like democrat-controlled Illinois state govt are NOT our doctors and they have no lawful authority to violate the privacy of our medical records without a warrant or force us to get the vaccine. The Illinois Bill of Rights protects us from the tyrannical Illinois state govt, state govt is NOT above the law.
    Rep. Morgan doesn’t understand the Illinois state govt doesn’t have the lawful authority to do just anything they want; the US Constitution is their boss! The democrat’s basis for what is right or wrong is how strongly they “feel” about it. If they think something ought to be this way or that, then they don’t care what the law says or the reasons it was written that way. Rule of law obviously means nothing to some of the mob rule Illinois state legislature democrats.
    Rep Morgan swore an oath of office to uphold the constitutions, but the dirtbag thinks he is high and mighty by trying to make mandatory a registry of our constitutionally protected private medical record. Rep Morgan, stay out of our business and OBEY the Illinois state constitution!

  2. What is Considered a HIPAA Breach in 2022?
    No valid risk assessment
    Sharing protected health information
    Snooping on PHI
    Incorrect disposal of PHI
    Insufficient PHI access controls.
    Failure to encrypt PHI
    Breach Notification
    Incorrect Handling of PHI
    Unauthorized Disclosure (without a warrant)

  3. Thanks for your comment, E.
    This story was first published on Monday, January 17th and updated on Wednesday Jan 19th with the 12k plus number of signatures. The original information was still relevant and of interest to our readers.

  4. I apppose this bill allowing our personal health records to be released. We have HIPA regulations that don’t allow me to find out info on my own husbands medical bills, but now they want our records released? This is not China or Russia and this type of invasion of our medical privacy should not be violated. Stop this tyrannical bull !!

  5. This is why so many people are leaving Illinois. Illinois is abusing the rights of its citizens to be left alone in peace to enjoy their lives. Who is going to pay your bloated government salaries when you drive people out of Illinois that have lived here a great many years, raised their families here, built their homes here with their own hard labor? Why doesn’t Illinois government focus on getting rid of crime, illegal drugs that are available everywhere, locking up those who burn and destroy our businesses. Government needs to stop breaking everything it touches.