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Hammer: The Limits of Appeals to ‘Cancel Culture’



UnnamedBy Josh Hammer - 

The metastasis of the woke ideology, which seeps through our moribund body politic like a cancer, has shocked the conscience of many who still cling to the idea of America as a liberal bastion.

One of the woke ideology’s more prevalent symptoms, the phenomenon known as “cancel culture,” has perhaps been disproportionately effective in radicalizing many centrists and moderate liberals against the woke-besotted militant Left. For definitional purposes, we can think of cancel culture as referring to the trend of seeking to “cancel” someone — to ostracize and remove him/her from social media, other media and the public square more broadly — for offending the ever-shifting sensibilities of a self-anointed thought police clerisy.

The default right-of-center response to the rise of woke-inspired cancel culture has been to oppose it, tout court, in the name of “free speech.” Such a posture is certainly preferable to the diametrical opposite approach, but it mistakes the Right’s proper response at this current fraught juncture in our politics. Three recent examples, all from the last month, elucidate and help to point toward the path forward.



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  1. The real trick is to openly LAUGH at them.
    They are sooo, sooo SERIOUS about their crackpot views that they can’t stand being laughed at or ridiculed.
    It drives them frantic, and that’s when the fun really starts.