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Rossi: How China Bought America’s Leaders




By Randy Rossi - 

The scariest book you will ever read is “Red Handed” by Peter Sweitzer which explains in incredible detail how communist China has essentially bought many key American leaders to support their goal to rule the world. Any informed American should know that China has over 1 million religious people in concentration camps which they use for slave labor to make cheap products which have crushed millions of American jobs. On top of that China has broken their word by essentially enslaving Hong Kong which used to be one of the freest and most vibrant economies in the world. In addition to that, China threatens the freedom of Taiwan every day. China has clearly told the world that it’s goal is to rule the global economy and they have the largest army and navy in the world to help make that happen. Based on all that, any rational American should expect that our leaders would unite to protect America and global freedom from China. But that is not happening and China is getting stronger every day and America is becoming dependent on Chinese products because of their cheaper prices as we have shipped millions of US manufacturing jobs to China. How could this be happening in America?

Sweitzer’s book explains how China is getting away with this. China has bought the souls and wallets of critical American leaders. And these aren’t just baseless claims, Sweitzer has 85 pages of detailed notes and facts to prove his accusations starting with the Biden’s. China has paid Democrat President Joe Biden and his family at least $31 million, mostly through his son Hunter. The facts are irrefutable. China has also bought Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her family who have made millions of dollars from China. As Sweitzer explains, Pelosi used to be an anti-Chinese “hawk” until her husband started making millions of dollars from China. The same is true of Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein whose husband has also made millions of dollars from China. She has turned into a strong advocate of communist China. Sadly, even some Republicans  have been bought by China including retired Speaker of the House John Boehner who works with China today. But it is not just politicians who have been bought by China. Sweitzer goes into great detail about how so many billionaires in Wall Street and Silicon Valley have become big supporters of China to increase their sales into China which is the biggest market in the world. Americans have watched this first hand as Nike and the NBA put sales to China ahead of freedom and America. Some Nike products are made by Chinese slave labor and Nike will not condemn China’s slave labor. The NBA is afraid to condemn China’s slave labor because China is a bigger market for their basketball game viewership than America is.

This is all more critical than ever as China, Russia, and Iran unite to become the new “Axis of Evil” who have a goal of expanding their dictatorial power in the world so they can take away the freedom of others. While Russia threatens Ukraine with a goal of rebuilding the USSR, China threatens Taiwan every day. And Iran has promised to destroy Israel. China, Russia, and Iran just conducted a joint naval exercise in the Indian Ocean to prepare for a potential war and to make it clear that they are allies and a threat to freedom. For those of us that passionately study history, this is a “repeat” of the horrible behavior of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, and dictatorial Japan who eventually declared war on the free world in WWII which led to the deaths of 65 million people. But don’t trust my opinions on all this. Read Peter Sweitzer’s book to get the incredible facts about how China has bought and paid for so many of our critical leaders in our government, Wall Street, and in Silicon Valley. The good news is that if the American people are properly informed, they can change this by voting out those politicians “bought” by China, and to stop buying products from those corporations that put Chinese profits ahead of American freedom. We can win this war without firing a shot if Americans simply get informed and used the power of their vote and wallet to punish leaders that put Chinese profits ahead of American freedom!


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