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Di Leo: Sanctions Don’t Threaten Only the Enemy



Vladimir putin

By John F. Di Leo - 

The world is reminded every day that the United States will do everything appropriate — short of firing a single shot, that is — to scare Vladimir Putin out of invading Ukraine (which, at this writing, may have already begun). While the Biden-Harris regime has already made it clear that the United States will not use military action to support Ukraine, the United States will definitely wield sanctions as a weapon.

Vladimir Putin must be shaking in his best felt boots.

Sanctions are an important element of foreign policy.  Viewed as one tool among many, along with the military, and that most formidable of all weapons, our nuclear arsenal, economic sanctions must be a part of the toolkit. But they are meaningless alone, especially if they hurt others more than they hurt the target.

To begin with, politicians have a tendency to act as if there are no sanctions currently in place… but there are, so all we’re talking about is adding more.  And the more sanctions there already are, the less sting additional ones will have.

More, in the American Thinker, HERE:


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  1. Biden’s too busy hiding under his bed to “threaten” ANYBODY.
    Remember when Obama was oaught with the mic on, advising Putin he could do more for him in his second term?
    Biden is Obama’s puppet. This is what Barack may have meant.