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Thorner: Bailey and DeVore make campaign stop in Libertyville


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Darren Bailey

By Nancy Thorner - 

On Thursday morning, March 3, 2022, GOP 2022 candidates Darren Bailey and Thomas DeVore appeared together at Murphy's Health Food store in Libertyville. 

DeVore previously announced his candidacy for the downstate 5th Appellate Court, but in a Facebook video DeVore said he changed his mind and will now seek the GOP nomination for attorney general. 

As to why he changed his mind: Having seen students stand up for themselves regarding the mask mandate issue, DeVore set his sights on the Attorney General’s Office in an attempt to keep a similar situation from happening again.

DeVore is up against Republicans attorney David Shestakos and international business attorney Steve Kim for the GOP nomination. Kim is part of a slate of statewide candidates put together by political operatives with ties to former GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner and ex-Sen. Mark Kirk. 

DeVore spoke about his challenges to Governor Pritzker and his legislature and various executive agencies on COVID-19-related policies

Attorney DeVore represented hundreds of Illinois students and parents and several dozen teachers across more than 150 districts, including Chicago Public Schools and some suburban school systems that filed suit against the state's school mandates for vaccination, testing, and masking.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that a Springfield judge’s Feb. 4 order preventing statewide enforcement of the mask mandate should be vacated, in that a lower appellate court recently found the case to be moot.  This ruling, in turn, prompted Gov. J.B. Pritzker to announce that state mask mandate for Illinois schools would be lifted on Feb. 28, 2022. 

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Thomas DeVore

What DeVore seeks to accomplish

Most important to DeVore is the rule of law.  He isn't against masks but is against government mandating them. Said Devore:  Losing the way we govern ourselves would be a disaster
DeVore seeks to take on corruption in the state as one who respects the rule of law.
Check out here DeVore’s website.
IL Senator Darren Bailey runs for governor
Bailey presently serves as an Illinois senator, District 55.  He tapped Stephanie Trussell, a “hardworking conservative” and former WLS-AM 890 talk show host, to join his 2022 ticket as candidate for lieutenant governor.

Introduced by Tom DeVore, displaying Madigan's indictment papers, Bailey let attendees know that "hope is on the way." He spoke of turning Illinois around by restoring Illinois — "Restore Illinois" is Bailey's campaign slogan.  Sen. Bailey says he believes Illinois is the greatest state in the union. 
On Wednesday, March 2, 2022, that the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago announced a sweeping indictment against former Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, one of the most formidable legislators, on racketeering, bribery, wire fraud and extortion charges.
Said Bailey: "We must elect legislators who are willing to enact reform. Problems exist with the political elite who are pushing a Washington, D.C. agenda that doesn't work here in Illinois."
Bailey cautioned supporters to not believe the lies of his opponents, for their attacks means he is be leading as the only true conservative candidate.  
Aurora Mayor Richard Irwin, who has millions in campaign donations from a wealthy supporter, was described as "a career Democrat version of Rauner."  He was likely brought in as a last minute candidate to stop Bailey.
What Bailey stands for
Bailey spoke of his campaign as not being a typical one, but instead led by a grassroots movement.  A comparison was made as to what happened in Virginia when Republicans elected a Republican as governor.
From Day One, Bailey indicated he will work to accomplish the following:
Get government out of our lives.
Get rid of wasteful spending in government.
Demand government accountability.
Get rid of taxpayer funded abortions.
Cut taxes for working families.
Promote school choice.
Hold politicians responsible.
Fight crime.
How to help
Senator Bailey urged those assembled to run for precinct committeeman/woman, as his campaign is an opportunity to enact change.  Bailey likewise recommended serving as a poll watcher or an election judge.
Candidate Bailey cited the IL Nov. 2022 election as “This is the it election for IL.  Pritzker must be fired!" 
Check out here Darren Bailey’s website.


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  1. Clarification: The reason why the lower court rulings were moot is because JCAR voted unanimously against extending the mask mandate. It’s a humiliating loss for Pritzker, no matter how he tries to spin it.

  2. The Chicago Democrat machine, Labor Unions, state employees, minorities, and LGBT community are ready to join conservative Republicans in this effort…after they stop laughing.
    “From Day One, Bailey indicated he will work to accomplish the following:
    Get government out of our lives.
    Get rid of wasteful spending in government.
    Demand government accountability.
    Get rid of taxpayer funded abortions.
    Cut taxes for working families.
    Promote school choice.
    Hold politicians responsible.
    Fight crime.”
    BTW…Pritzker and the left-wing media would successfuly label Bailey as some southern Illinois hick farmer, who is a right-wing extremist, AND who was the chief co-sponsor of legislation to make the greater Chicago area our 51st state. What could go wrong?
    There is a very good chance that the Republican conservative vote will be split and Rauner Republicans, combined with ignorant voters who are easily manipulated by TV ads…will elect the Democrat Irvin who is being run as a Republican.
    I suspect that Irvin could give Pritzker a tight race…but he would lose since conservative Republicans would not vote in the numbers necessary to defeat Pritzker. He definitely wouldn’t lose by 700,000 votes like Rauner did after he won by 150,000 in 2014. Rauner betrayed his suporters and he paid the price.
    I strongly believe that Illinoisans are sick of politicians fron either party and want a real leader. Without hesitation, I believe Gary Rabine is such a leader.