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Thorner: My take on IL’s 2022 GOP gubernatorial candidates



Illinois Review disclaimer: The following is the opinion of this particular Illinois Review columnist, and not that of the Illinois Review news source. We uphold free speech and encourage opinions. 

58225752-2ab3-414c-b265-57f8f59f6f18-medium16x9_youdecidestorylineimageBy Nancy Thorner –

Who is the most-qualified Republican gubernatorial candidate to defeat Governor J.B. Pritzker? 
All Information regarding each gubernatorial candidate featured below is a matter of public record. Bailey will be first on the ballot, with Jesse Sullivan appearing last on the ballot.
Illinois' Uniparty has seemingly hit rock bottom with Ken Griffin’s attempt to take over the Republican Party.
Even if Griffin, as Illinois’ richest man, gives nothing more than 20 million to Richard Irvin, his “team” will have gotten a boost to their fundraising.  In any case, Griffin can either openly or behind closed doors help the Irvin team with his money.

Richard Irwin
In a state where four governors have gone to jail, has there ever been a major candidate as openly sleazy and corrupt as Richard Irvin seems to be?   
Following is just a sampling of Irvin’s corruption and liberal beliefs:
Should Irvin be the Republican “opponent” of Governor Prtizker, the entire Republican ticket from top to bottom will most likely go down, despite Biden’s 60% disapproval, Lightfoot’s incredible incompetence, and Pritzker’s out of touch arrogance.
Therefore, the big question in the upcoming Illinois primary is who can save us from Irvin?
Max Solomon and Emily Johnson
At this point, Max Solomon and Emily Johnson seem to be token candidates.
Paul Schimpf
Paul Schimpf was a nondescript state senator from 2017 to 2021. His other claim to fame was a pathetic 37.8% showing in 2014 against Lisa Madigan for Attorney General.
What amounted to a Republican landslide year, saw Bruce Rauner get 50.3%, Judy Baar Topinka with 49.56% for Comptroller, with Republican Tom Cross almost beating Mike Frerichs (48.05% vs. 47.79%) for Treasurer. 
Given Schimpf's lackluster vote-getting performance in 2014, he seems more like a downstater candidate to bleed votes from Darren Bailey.
Jesse Sullivan
Sullivan is a recent entry to the governor's race.
“Fifteen years ago, Jesse Sullivan founded a self-described “social justice” magazine that has defended riots and abortion.” 
Sullivan is being funded by California liberals who helped start his company that supposedly invests in overseas startups, Alter Global LLC.  If there is anything to his company, you can’t tell it on the Internet.
Of importance is that Sullivan has never done anything significant in Illinois inside or outside politics before this primary
Gary Rabine
Then there’s Gary Rabine, who barely made the ballot with enough signatures.  His greatest claim to fame is a sudden, suspicious endorsement by General Flynn.
Rabine has written a few checks to conservatives and conservative causes, but everything else is Republican Establishment, like Pat “Brady is an informal adviser to another Republican candidate for governor, businessman Gary Rabine.”
Two former Illinois governors say state Republican party bosses would be wrong to oust the GOP chairman (Pat Brady) following his public support of same-sex marriage, especially as the party looks ahead to the 2014 governor’s race.”
However, there’s more to Rabine than Pat Brady.  What about his Lieutenant Governor pick Aaron Del Mar, who was Cook County Republican Chairman from 2012 to 2016.  During that time, Del Mar did nothing to build the Cook Republican Party, as this article discusses: “GOP Misfits in Illinois Undermine President Trump’s Minority Outreach”.
Typical of a “Crook County” politician, “Del Mar's current enterprises include Chicago Casino & Poker Rentals…The Chicago Casino & Poker Rentals' website also shows additional services provided to fundraising events, including Las Vegas-like, "personable, professional and extremely interactive" show girls…A previous Del Mar venture was Prime Chicago Nightlife, also a division of Articulate Promotions.” You can see what a bucket of sleaze these “businesses” are for yourself:
Del Mar still thinks his casino business is wonderful and attacks Darren Bailey for bringing it up.
Rabine doesn't seem in this race to win, which is why his campaign has been lackluster until the Flynn endorsement; however, if he did get the nomination, Del Mar would be wrapped around his neck as a disaster waiting to happen. 
Darren Bailey
“Darren Bailey and his wife Cindy have always lived by the motto of faith, family, and farming. In 2016, along with running the family farm, they founded Full Armor Christian Academy, a preschool through grade 12 school that gives parents the option of a Christ-centered education for their children.”
After Illinois Democrats’ Covid mandate destruction of public schools, suburban housewives won’t think a man who started a private school is strange. Many independents and swing Democrats will like the fact that Bailey did sue to stop Pritzker’s lock downs and mandates in April 2020.
Education choice and standing up to Pritzker might be convenient issues for Jesse Sullivan, but Bailey has walked the talk. That’s why a new poll shows Bailey can beat Prtizker
Bailey’s Lt. Governor pick, Stephanie Trussel, is articulate and media savvy. She can reach the Black and Hispanic community on the economy, crime and school choice. Every poll shows those communities are ready to get off the Democrat plantation if only a Republican would reach with something besides condescending platitudes. As a black women married to a white man, it’ll be impossible for the Dems to demonize Bailey as a downstate bigot. They and the Republican Establishment fear a Bailey one on one with Pritzker, which is why they’ve tried every type of gimmick and candidate to stop him.
Voter information
Elections do have consequences.  It is our chance to participate in making Illinois a better place to live and to raise families.  May 19th begins early voting.   A mail-in ballot can be requested from your county clerk.

 Essential information
  • Mail in ballots: Illinois is a no-excuse vote by mail state, permitting all registered voters to safely cast a ballot from home. 
  • Early in-person voting: Cast your ballot early and in person for the primary from May 19 until June 27 and from Sept. 29 until Nov. 7 for the general.
  • In-person voting on Election Day: The primary is June 28 and the general election – a state holiday in Illinois – is Nov. 8. Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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  1. You say Gary Rabine turned in barely enough signatures yet he filed at 8 a.m. on the first day and nobody objected to his candidacy. What’s the problem? What was suspicious about Flynn endorsing him? Isn’t Gary’s claim to fame filing a lawsuit about COVID mandates that went the way you wanted it to go with the US Supreme Court? Or owning a large asphalt company?
    I liked the article by Doug that trashed Jeanne Ives and Aaron Del Mar though. It was good.
    Not fair to say Paul Schimpf is there to take votes from Darren Bailey. Paul was one of the first people in the race so it’s wrong to imply he’s a plant. I agree his poor performance in 2014 should make people doubt him. You could have also included his addition of Carolyn Schofield as something that could make conservatives give pause, along with him saying the Janus decision was wrongly decided.
    Max Solomon is a great candidate, he just doesn’t have name ID or money. Emily Johnson was a peek-a-boo candidate. Nobody knew she was running until she filed.
    It will come down to Bailey or Irvin. Irvin who is funded by Griffin or Bailey who begs for Griffin’s money. Embarrassing all the way around, but American politics is dominated by billionaires in both parties. Rauner, Trump, Bloomberg, Steyer, Pritzker, or you have people like Griffin behind the scenes. Americans love their policies to be made by billionaires while boo hooing about how things are rigged and not fair for the little guy.

  2. I for one enjoyed your thoughts and perspectives on the candidates. I have met and spoke with all the candidates, and have actually given money to all but Irvin. You seem to think Ken Griffin is trying to buy control of the State. Perhaps he just does not care for our current Governor and it’s policies. I am thankful there is someone offering to subsidize a candidate to offset Pritzger and his millions. Obviously, you are biased towards Bailey, and that is ok, but have you ever been to Clay County? I am encouraged by the “TEAM” Irvin is running with. The ILGOP needs unity and a team that cares about the people in Illinois.

  3. Good points about Schrimpf. We will see who makes the ballot for governor but a look at fundraising totals ought to tell who is truly token. Bailey begging for Griffin’s money when he was funded by the premier conservative donor in the country, Dick Uhlein? Griffin’s “team” is totally sleazy: https://www.theillinoize.com/articles/griffins-gatekeeper-threats-intimidation-promises
    Upton Sinclair was a socialist, but he was right about this: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” So many Internet gurus nit picking and spreading obvious untruths. The more I see of this circus, including the latest Democrat Governor ad to make Irvin a Republican Martyr to get him past Bailey for a sure Pritzker win, the more I think Bailey is a real threat to the bipartisan leaches that run this state.