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Thorner: Illinois Family Action hosts Republican US Senate Candidate Forum

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS – Five of the seven invited GOP U.S. Senate candidates were featured at a forum hosted by Illinois Family Action on March 26, 2022 at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights.  IFA is a sister organization of the Illinois Family Institute, with David E. Smith as executive director.
A panel of four ministers asked questions of the candidates. The panel included: Pastor James Pittman of New Hope Community Church in Palatine; Pastor Ceasar LeFlore, an Illinois Family Institute board member; Pastor Shando Valdez of New Jerusalem Evangelical Baptist Church in Chicago; and host, Pastor Calvin Lindstrom of Church of Christian Liberty in Arlington Heights. 
In addition to the questions initiated by the panel of pastors, select questions were also chosen from those submitted in advance by the public via email.

Kathy Salvi

Kathy Salvi 

Kathy is a Lake County candidate and the wife of former state Representative Al Salvi, who was the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate for the open U.S. Senate seat in 1996 and in 1998 for the open Illinois secretary of state office. 
Mrs. Salvi’s only run for elected office took place in 2006, when she finished second to David McSweeney in the 8th Congressional District Republican primary, back when portions of eastern McHenry County and portions of Lake County were within the 8th District.
Kathy told the audience became tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching the impact of corrupt Washington politics on families and how the Left cares so little about families.  She wants Illinois to be a state people flock to instead of run away from. 
If elected, Kathy wants to deal with the corruption in the US Congress as well as illegal immigration and the resulting humanitarian crisis. She supports increased funding for the border.  Said Kathy: "We can send billions to Ukraine, but why can't we get billions to protect our southern border?"
Matt Dubiel

Matt Dubiel  

Dubiel's family business is running WCKG out of Elmhurst, IL.  Mr. Dubiel is an advocate for medical freedom.  He is also is a proponent of free speech.
If elected, Mr. Dubiel wants to do away with CRT in teaching.  He is also against early sex education and believes that the rights of parents for their children should be respected.  He wouldn't have closed the churches or anything, for that matter, because of Covid.  
Casey Chlebec

Casey Chlebec 

Mr. Chlebec was raised in Socialist Poland. He lived through all he now seems happening here in this nation.  Chlebec believes that law and order and common sense are at stake in the future of our nation.  The "people" must therefore be listened to, because they possess, unlike many elected politicians, common sense.
Said Chlebec, "Republicans must win in the midterm elections."
Jimmy Tillman II

Jimmy Lee Tillman II

Mr. Tillman said the American First agenda is the best agenda for black Americans because of what it does to help and improve their lives.  
As to the killing of unborn children, Tillman believes that "All life created should be saved."   
Bobby Piton

Bobby Piton

Mr. Piton spoke about his work on voter integrity, and how his work, through his data, proved that the 2020 election was absolutely stolen from Trump.  As such, he has the endorsement of General Flynn.
Piton called for clean voter rolls and declared that mail-in ballots are sources of extensive fraud.  
Closing question
In closing, the following two questions were asked of each candidate:
1.  How would you vote on the Equality Act?
2.  How would you vote on the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson?
All five expressed a definite no to each of the two questions, along with clear explanations for their no votes.
In addition
Here is the video presentation of the full program to share with your Illinois neighbors and friends.
The stated purpose of the IFA Candidate Forum was to give Illinois voters an opportunity to hear from candidates without the interference, bias, and selective editing of the establishment.
Check links for further information on the five candidates that participated:

Kathy Salvi of Mundelein

Jimmy Lee Tillman II of Chicago

Robert “Bobby” Piton of Geneva

Case Chelebek of Lake Forest


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