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Illinois Planned Parenthood Facility Minimizes Drug Allergy to Abortion Drug



Flossmoor-PP-FeaturedPlanned Parenthood in Flossmoor, IL called 911 on April 28, 2022, to report an emergency. The presumed employee who made the call was either not overly concerned about the condition of the patient, or she was downplaying it.

The caller calmly said, “We just need a transfer. We have a stable patient, 20 years old. She [is] having an allergic reaction. And we just want her to get further evaluation.”

When questioned by the dispatcher about the patient’s immediate condition, the caller explained she was believed to be having an allergic reaction to Misoprostol, a drug often used to prepare the cervix for dilation in abortions after 14 weeks. It is also used in chemical abortions to induce contractions.



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