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Will County GOP group calls for rejection of Ozinga and Mitchell at county convention



Raquel Mitchell

Rep. Ozinga

WILL COUNTY – A source calling themselves the Will County Republican Chair is calling on Will County Republicans to reject State Rep. Tim Ozinga for Will County GOP chairman and Raquel Mitchell for the district's IL GOP state central committeeman for one reason – they endorsed Richard Irvin in the contentious 2022 IL GOP gubernatorial primary. State Senator Darren Bailey won the IL GOP gubernatorial primary nomination on June 28th.

The call is left over bitterness and anger with Republican Party leadership that rejected the party's base and jumped on board with Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin – partially because of the Griffin money that Irvin was able to pull in.

The group wants accountability for the way the IL GOP primary was handled. They want the voting members of the party to make their unhappiness with the Irvin backers known at this week's county Republican conventions where county chairman, secretary and state central committeemen will be picked for the next four years.

"We all remember watching the negative, vindictive and slanderous campaigning by the Irvin campaign during our Primary, right?" the email says. "PERSONAL attacks were made on our friends and our truly grassroots and conservative candidates."

The email goes on to say, "Not only were these two on the original 60-man sellout list endorsing Democrat Richard Irvin, they were "TEAM IRVIN-BOURNE CO-CHAIRS". Due to their surprising lack of discernment and conservative principles, WE CANNOT support either in their latest endeavors of becoming Will County Republican Central Committee Chairman and State Central Committeeman."

"Yes, they are from our community, and yes, many of us have years of relationship with one or both of them, but this behavior is the problem with the Republican Party. If we support and promote people who have poor judgement to our top leadership positions, what do you think you can expect from the party in the future? There are consequences."

The email goes on to support Rob Enright for Will County Republican Central Committee Chairman, and Larry Smith for State Central Committeeman in 14th district.


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  1. First off, do not call these Charlatans Will County Republicans nor are they a part of the GOP. The house address listed in that bogus email is a house full of Democrats. I would expect anyone writing or publishing this deceptive dribble from a “source point of view” would’ve did a little more research instead of helping to sow a Democrat deception ploy. Second, that coward would not sign their own name to their bogus email. How do you trust someone who plays the anonymous source. We may as well get our info from CNN or the Chicago Sun-Times. Anything I write or publish will ALWAYS have my name attached. I’m George Pearson, I am the current Chair, and I call bullshit.

  2. And the names of this group or their members who are upset because some of their fellow Republicans dared to deviate from the Supreme Leader’s Directive or his Wish List is—-? Yeah, I didn’t think so. And the circular firing squad continues on with their mission of self-destruction for the Republican Party. I understand their wish to have total control BUT then we have allowed ourselves to become no better than the opposition. Original thoughts should be welcomed and encouraged and not ridiculed and prohibited. Many of us want to see a vibrant and growth-oriented Republican political party. Let’s not lose our way lest we become no better than the opposition! We are better than that. We have to be better than that if we want to save our state from the destruction being written for it by Pritzker and the Illinois Democrat Party.