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Bailey goes on attack with new ad: “Bigger isn’t better”



SPRINGFIELD – "Illinois the first state to eliminate cash bail …" – Something JB Pritzker is very proud about – and a part of his "bigger is better" campaign theme from four years ago.

Republican Darren Bailey released the following ad today as Governor Pritzker celebrates Governor's Day at the State Fair.

“Four years ago, J.B. Pritzker promised to ‘think big’ in his campaign video, but bigger isn’t better when it comes to crime, taxes, and inflation,” Darren Bailey said. “Under J.B. Pritzker’s failed leadership, Illinois crime has skyrocketed and we now have the second-highest gas tax in the country. While billionaire Pritzker has no trouble getting by, Illinois has become unsafe and unaffordable for hardworking folks. It’s time to fire J.B. Pritzker and restore Illinois.” 


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  1. Kim Foxx Chicago’s Attorney General is refusing to put criminals in jail and letting them out quickly. Her actions are causing the crime to spike all across Illinois and not stay in Chicago. The crime wave is spreading into the Chicago suburbs because she will not lock them up and prosecute them. The criminals are on a crime spree because they know they can get away with it. They are getting on the tollways and heading into our small communities where our sheriffs do prosecute criminals and won’t let them get away with this!