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Banning Modern Agriculture and High Crop Yields?


In just seven decades, America’s conventional (non-organic) farmers increased per-acre corn yields by an incredible 500% – while using steadily less water, fuel, fertilizer and pesticides – feeding millions more people. Among the many reasons for this miracle is their ability to control weeds that would otherwise steal moisture and nutrients from this vital food, animal feed and fuel (ethanol) crop.

Long-lasting herbicides don’t just control weeds. They also promote no-till farming, which helps farmers save costly tractor fuel and avoid breaking up soils – thereby reducing erosion, retaining soil moisture, safeguarding soil organisms, and locking carbon dioxide in the soil (reducing risks of “dangerous manmade climate change,” some say).



  1. Know that many of those in government agencies, AND in Congress, are “city folks” who never farmed or ever got their hands in the dirt, so they are ignorant of farming. They are “indoctrinated” by other fools who were the same dupes as they are now.
    Investigate how inefficient “biofuels” are, both in the decrease of miles per gallon or, in the case of farming, in hours per gallon of fuel used. Plus, the exhaust has discovered to be more “dirty” than the use of straight gasoline ever was.
    I live in “farm country,” and have breakfast in the local cafes with farmers a few times every week. I hear their complaints, but I doubt that our Congressmen ever listen.

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