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Rossi: Hard Facts Prove the Biden and Democrat Plan to Kill American Fossil Fuels Is Insane



Joe-biden_800By Randy Rossi - 

Facts are so inconvenient for liberals especially when it comes to their insane plan to kill America’s fossil fuels which are the foundation of our economy, prosperity, and safety. Tragically, these liberal Dems with the help of the “Fake News” are using hysterical climate change fear and lies to try and scare Americans to quit using the very fossil fuels which built American prosperity and provided the highest level of personal safety in history. Here are some of the facts that prove the insanity of the Dem’s attack on our fossil fuels as they try to push us toward incredibly expensive, inefficient, and unreliable wind and solar power:

  • Climate change is a never ending natural process that has brought at least 6 ice ages over 4.5 billion years through global cooling and then natural global warming melted the massive ice that covered much of the world as a result of those ice ages. Thankfully the Earth warmed about 15,000 years ago and melted  roughly 1 mile of ice created by the last ice age over Canada and much of northern America and northern Europe and raised the oceans by roughly 400 feet. I am pretty sure there were no coal fired electric plants 15,000 years ago to create that welcome global warming!
  • Science and history have shown that roughly 5 times more people die from cold weather than hot weather. If you need to be afraid of something, worry about the next ice age!
  • America has reduced its carbon emissions more than any country on Earth
  • American produced oil and natural gas are roughly 30% cleaner than oil and gas produced anywhere else. On top of being dirtier, oil and gas shipped from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Russia, or anywhere else must be shipped by incredibly dirty ships that burn fossil fuels to transport that dirty oil and gas to America!
  • Not only is American oil and gas cleaner than anywhere else on Earth, American oil and gas producers employ tens of thousands of Americans and pay them high wages. On top of that, the profits go to American corporations and investors, not to corrupt and dictatorial countries like Russia, Venezuela, and Saudi Arabia. To make all that even better, much of that gas and oil is shipped through pipelines in America instead of fossil fuel burning trains, trucks, and ships which dramatically reduces CO2 output!
  • While Dems and the “Fake News” try to scare the heck out of you that we are seeing the hottest temperatures in world history, that is simply not true:
    • The hottest recorded temperatures in the US were in 1936 during the Great Depression and The “Dust Bowl”. Those incredibly hot temperatures killed crop output and forced tens of thousands of American to flee the “Dust Bowl”  and move west. Incredibly the winter of 1936 was the coldest winter in US history. It’s called natural climate change folks! The temperatures we are seeing today are a “piece of cake” compared to what Americans in the Midwest suffered in 1936!
    • The “Medieval Warming Period” which lasted from 950 AD to 1250 AD created very hot temperatures that forced the Mayans to flee central America because all their crops died from drought and they were starving to death. How many SUVs were their back then?
    • After that, in about 1400 AD the climate changed again and the “Mini Ice Age” hit North America and Europe causing the deaths of millions of people because crop outputs dropped dramatically. It lasted for a few hundred years and then the climate changed again back to what we consider normal.
    • What causes this endless and natural climate change? Constant changes in the solar output of the sun, changing ocean currents, and changing volcanic activity. Not SUVs and coal fired electric plants!
  • CO2 is good, not bad!!!
    • CO2 only makes up 0.04% of our atmosphere and the Earth has seen ten times more than that at various times in history.
    • Without CO2, there would be no life on Earth because:
      • We breathe oxygen to live which comes from green plants
      • Oxygen makes up 20.9% of the air we breathe
      • Green plants breathe CO2 to live which allows them to create the oxygen that we need to live
      • CO2 only makes up 0.04% of the air we breathe
      • Maybe we need more CO2, not less!

So here is the bottom line folks, before we allow these insane liberal Democrats to kill our economy, our prosperity, our way of life, and our freedom by destroying America’s clean energy independence and make us dependent on dirty foreign oil and gas or incredibly expensive and unreliable solar power and wind power, let’s review the science and facts. And speaking of wind and solar power, let’s remember a hard fact that even children should be able to understand, “Sometimes the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine”! Making our lives and welfare dependent on this unreliable power source is nuts. Oh yeah, and let’s remember that the batteries and most components of solar and wind power are made by slave labor in America’s most strategic enemy, China. You know, the country that wants to rule the global economy and destroy America! To make that even worse, the mining of the materials used to make those batteries creates massive damage to the environment.


The solution to this problem is very, very simple. Let’s maximize our use of clean oil and gas drilled here in America and expand our use of nuclear energy which even Europe has now labeled “green energy”. Not one American has died from nuclear energy and new technology is making it safer and more reliable than ever. Let’s hope that a majority of Americans don’t fall for this liberal hysteria which could destroy our economy. We must stand up and demand that truth and facts rule, not ignorant hysteria!


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