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Democrat senator under federal investigation surrounding police body cam law


CHICAGO – Yet another Democrat lawmaker under federal investigation, and this time it is state Senator Elgie Sims, according to the Chicago Tribune.

While Sims' attorney insists he did nothing wrong, at the time he was working on legislation requiring body cams on all Illinois law enforcement by 2025, Sims listed a company that makes body cams as one of his clients. 

Other Democrats under investigation include former House Speaker Michael Madigan, and former state Sens. Martin Sandoval, Terry Link, and Thomas Cullerton.

Republican candidate for attorney general Tom DeVore responded to the news Monday, criticizing current Democrat Attorney General Kwame Raoul.

“This is another example of the feds having to come in and investigate allegations of public corruption that Kwame Raoul has ignored." DeVore said in a statement.

“Raoul’s tenure is starting to look a lot like that of his predecessor, Lisa Madigan. Recall, Lisa Madigan spent 16 years in office (2003- 2019) and couldn’t find a single instance of public corruption anywhere. Of course, a few wired-up aldermen and the massive Com-Ed scandal has revealed what most Illinois’ intuited: Illinois is replete with public corruption. That corruption is aided and abetted by Attorney Generals like Madigan and Raoul who look the other way in service to their party bosses – like Raoul has done in the Thornely case. Taxpayers are hurt by this self-serving insider dealing. 

“I am running for Attorney General to be a check for the people of Illinois on the politically powerful – regardless of party – just as I did in private practice. The only question is: Will Illinoisans vote for a check on their political leaders in 2022? Or will they give the same corrupt Illinois Democrats – who are being investigated and indicted one after another by the feds – carte blanche for another 16 years?” 



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