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Radical pro-abort Duckworth condemns Salvi’s pro-life views



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CHICAGO – While three more states banned abortion in the past week, Illinois remains focused on being the unrestricted abortion center in the Midwest. All the surrounding states have some form of restriction to protect unborn babies.

But in Illinois, US Senator Tammy Duckworth is using Republican challenger Kathy Salvi’s mainstream views on protecting the unborn as a weapon against Salvi, and raising money on Salvi’s pro-life stance.

Here’s verbatim what the radically pro-abortion Duckworth Campaign sent out Thursday:

Our race is heating up now that we have our opponent: anti-choice extremist, Kathy Salvi.

So today, we have FIVE reasons you should chip in $5 to Tammy Duckworth’s campaign. Check it out:

  1. A Trump ally has called Kathy Salvi a “Great Asset To The Republican Ticket.”
  2. Kathy Salvi is an ultra-wealthy self-funder who previously bankrolled her own failed campaign for Congress with nearly $1.3 MILLION.
  3. Kathy Salvi is an anti-choice candidate who opposes abortion rights, even in the case of rape,incest or to protect the life of a mother.
  4. Mitch McConnell and National Republicans could pour millions into this race if it looks like we don’t have what it takes to defend this seat.
  5. And if Tammy misses this fundraising goal, we could end up with an anti-choice candidate like Kathy Salvi representing the most fringe view of the far-right, certainly not the wishes of Illinoisans, in the Senate.

If Tammy is going to have the resources she needs to win, then it’s going to take all of us chipping in what we can, when we can. So please, we’re asking:

Can you PLEASE make your first $5 contribution to Tammy Duckworth’s re-election campaign today? She needs your help to reach our goals and defend this seat in November.

Republican Kathy Salvi’s views on abortion are similar to those legislatures in surrounding Midwestern states now have in the lawbooks.

Salvi, mother of six and grandmother of three, is proud of her pro-life views and shares endorsements from major Illinois pro-life groups on her website: Illinois Family Action, Illinois Federation of Right to Life, McHenry County Pro Life Victory PAC, and Illinois Citizens for Life, PAC federal. 

More at KathySalvi.com – 



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  1. Many doctors Confirm abortion is Not Health Care because “Babies in the Womb are Patients”
    Duckworthless condemns the healthcare right of the unborn baby and it’s right to life.
    SCOTUS did their job and righted a legal wrong. Abortion is NOT a right under the US Constitution, in fact the word abortion isn’t even in the US Constitution. The federal govt was never granted power over abortion by the US Constitution and has NO lawful authority to enact abortion laws for the country at large, neither for or against. The 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme Court didn’t “enforce” the US Constitution they corrupted and butchered it to fabricate a “constitutional right” to kill unborn babies. SCOTUS returns power over abortion that was retained by the states via the 10th amendment, but that’s not good enough for deplorable tyrant Sen. Duckworth.
    Duckworth is unconcerned with whether her desires for government action on abortion are lawful. Her basis for what is legal or not is how strongly she ‘feels’ about it. If she thinks something ought to be this way or that, then she doesn’t care what the law (US Constitution) says or the reasons it was written that way. Senator, you act dictatorially and in a traitorous manner, your lust for power blinds you to the truth.