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The BS, Lies, and Hoaxes Just Keep On Coming



UnnamedThe BS, lies, and hoaxes just keep on coming, courtesy of leftist politicians, media, academia, and our now politically weaponized government institutions.

To wit: Failing and flailing CNN just admonished other media outlets not to call the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago a raid.  Instead, they encouraged them to call it a “judge-approved search.”  That makes it sound as if the dozens of armed Federal Bureau of Inquisition Investigation agents were given the okay to go find Waldo.  Instead, they apparently cracked a safe and rummaged through the former first lady’s closet during their nine-hour scrutinizing of former President Trump’s home — after forcing Trump’s lawyers to stay outside and asking Mar-a-Lago employees to turn the CCTV cameras off (a request which they, rightfully and thankfully, denied).

“Judge-approved search”?  Yes, and let’s call pedophiles “minor-attracted persons.”  Oh, that’s right: some on the left already do.  Why not call criminals “justice-involved individuals”?  Oh, yeah, they do that, too.  Did CNN react with such credulity and restraint when covering Trump’s actions and statements?  Did CNN’s reporters go out of their way to use words designed to defuse controversy and give Trump the benefit of the doubt when characterizing his intentions?  What a bunch of BS.



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  1. He’s gaslighting we Americans just like Obama did or I mean is. Gaslighting or gas-lighting is a cruel form of mental and psychological ABUSE in which false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sometimes sanity.
    It is the absolute oppressive right of the Biden administration to supervise the formation of public opinion with lies and 1/2 truths with the aid of the leftwing media parrots ~ Dictator Joe Biden