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Ruppert: Face the Abortion Facts



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By Martha Ruppert – 

Abortion is a complex issue. That is why I am grateful for public debate on the subject. But I am frustrated and often feel desperate about the lies women are being fed. We all need a good dose of truth regarding abortion, not more inflammatory feminist rhetoric.

Many people are shocked to learn that full-term babies can be aborted. The many disgusting truths about abortion cannot simply be dismissed by calling them “bogus.” (Most can be documented in pro-abortion literature.)

I, however, am perfectly able to face all arguments of abortion proponents without hiding behind their key verbal weapons: choice, rape, incest, back alley butchers, etc.    

A woman who faces an unwanted pregnancy is in an extremely vulnerable situation, facing a real crisis, but she should not be allowed, but less encouraged, to kill a small child at that time. She no longer has only her body to think of. She has invited a tenant and signed a nine-month lease.

We live in a society that does not allow us to kill each other because we are hurt, angry or desperate.  An unborn is a human being. Dr. Bernard Nathanson says he presided over 60,000 abortions. He finally had to quit because he realized he was killing little people.

Women have rightfully demanded that they no longer be viewed as sex objects. Then they turn around and claim their babies are objects they can do with as they please! In 1857 the U.S. Supreme Court proclaimed in the Dred Scott decision that slaves were not “legal persons.” A slave was the property of the owner and could be bought, sold, used or even killed by “its’ owner. Sound familiar?

It amazes me that women cannot see how they’ve been duped. I’ve talked to several who were specifically told by the abortionist that what was being removed from their body was NOT a baby. Why do we comfort a grieving woman who has miscarried? Why are there support groups to help them with grief if it was not a baby that dies? (By the way, women grieve after an abortion, too.)

In hospitals that perform abortions, a baby born in one room will be taken to the neonatal nursery, while across the hall the same-age child is removed and destroyed. Have we lost our collective minds?

Most women do not WANT abortions. They would be grateful for laws protecting them against the coercion they face from husbands, fathers, and boyfriends.

The standard line used to be: “If you love me, you’ll sleep with me.”

Today it’s followed by: “And if you’re pregnant, you’ll kill for me.”

I saw “pro-choice” in action as I stood outside an abortion clinic. They aborted between 30 and 40 babies in the two hours they were open. At a minimum of $300 each (in 1990 !!), That’s $9,000 in two hours. (You pay in full before the procedure. They take MasterCard.)

I saw cocky men pushing along crying women. The “pro-choice’ escorts were anxious that these reluctant, distraught customers not speak with us. We had information on food, clothing, housing, adoption, and even counseling for angry husbands and upset parents. But that was more “choice” than the “pro-choice’ advocates could handle.

Some have tried to require that a woman be fully informed at the clinic about fetal development, the actual abortion procedure, and its possible medical consequences. Take one guess who opposes that: the abortionists. Their customer might change her mind if fully informed!

If a teenage girl confided in you that she was going to kill her little sister because she was bothersome, would you feel concerned about the two of them? Let’s talk about “violent” pro-lifers. The most dangerous ones I know have passively blocked because their “sisters” are going in to kill.

Carol Evertt of Houston, Texas reported a rather ugly incident there. Some pro-life demonstrators found a warm, pink baby in a bucket behind the abortion mill. The head was cut off. They photographed the child and took the body for burial. The police were called to the one-hour photo store thinking that a ritual killing had taken place. Everything was “all right” when they learned how the baby died! You decide who the violent ones are.

I despise those horrible pictures, but they are necessary because of the fools who keep saying that abortion doesn’t kill babies. I hate when women suffering the aftermath of abortion see those pictures. Those women need gentle, tender care. I also hate the photos of stacked, naked bodies from the Nazi concentration camps. The outside world refused to believe those photos, too.

How about some facts about abortion-related deaths? Most illegal abortions before 1973 were done by licensed physicians after hours through the back door. According to the Center for Disease Control, there were 1,679 maternal abortion deaths in 1940; 120 in 1966; 39 in 1972; and 8 in 1981. The decline is attributed to penicillin.

Women are dying from LEGAL abortions now. Interestingly enough, when abortion isn’t available (free abortions are discontinued), there is a reduction in the number of abortions, but also the number of live births. “Apparently, conceptions decrease when the welfare state eliminated free abortion as a birth control measure.” (J. Kusan, Wall Street Journal)

Women will not die when abortion is illegal. They will have the good sense to use another form of birth control.

A woman is thoroughly informed and counseled before and after a mastectomy or hysterectomy because of the psychological difficulties the patient must face. Why is the invasive, degrading trauma of abortion so strenuously denied? Its victims are everywhere. They saw the pieces of their aborted babies in the bucket. They get no sympathy from their “pro-choice” friends who tell them nothing is wrong. Growing numbers are finding help from the pro-life people who care about all life. They grieve with her because understand the pain of losing a baby.

Rape victims who have chosen abortion often experience the same devastating post-abortion trauma. Our society has told them to kill an innocent unborn child for the crime of its father. The trauma of abortion may last longer than the rape!

Finally, a pregnancy after incest, though extremely rare, is often an attempt to end the relationship. Dr. George Maloof in the article “The Consequences of Incest” insists that abortion is counterproductive for incest victims because it represents only a “further assault upon their sexual integrity” Abortions protect the perpetrator!

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is good for you. We have got to tell everyone who will listen,   that abortion is not good for women. The women I know care deeply about others and are willing to make sacrifices. We need to stand by each other and not throw our sisters to the abortionists who make a quick profit and call is “compassion.”

(Used by permission. First published February 6, 1990 in Montgomery News, Hillsboro Illinois)

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