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Breaking: IL House GOP Leader Jim Durkin Votes With Democrats to Ban Assault Weapons



By Illinois Review

Powered by massive victories during the November midterm election that solidified the Democrats supermajority control in the Illinois House and Senate chambers, the Democrat-controlled House passed amended legislation to ban assault weapons by a vote of 64-43 during a late-night session.

Democrats celebrated the passage of the legislation, including Gov. JB Pritzker, who was in attendance, while Republicans referred to the bill as “unconstitutional.”

House GOP Minority Leader Jim Durkin was the only Republican to join the Democrats, voting in favor of the assault weapons ban.

The Illinois Freedom Caucus sent a late night email urging conservatives to call Democrats and urge them to vote “No,” arguing that the Democrats admitted in committee that they did not consult with gun groups while drafting the legislation  – including the Illinois State Rifle Association, who plans on filing a lawsuit when the bill becomes law.

The legislation “immediately prohibits the manufacturing, possession, delivery, sales, and purchase of assault weapons” with a few exceptions – if you are a police officer or you are in the military.

Durkin remains a close ally and best friend of IL GOP chairman Don Tracy. During the primary, Durkin was a supporter of Richard Irvin’s Republican campaign for governor, despite Irvin pulling Democratic Primary ballots in 2014, 2016 and 2020.

In 2002, Don Tracy ran in the Illinois primary for the 50th State Senate District as a Democrat. And in 2020, just months before his election as chairman of the Republican Party of Illinois, Tracy made a personal donation to Citizens for Judge Emily Sutton – a Democrat running for Circuit Court Judge in the 9th Judicial Circuit.

The legislation is now headed to the Democrat-controlled Senate where it is expected to easily pass before Gov. Pritzker signs it.

Illinois Review
Illinois Review
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  1. The Second Amendment and Article I, Sec. 8, clauses 15 & 16, in the US Constitution, work together. They both provide for the “Militia of the several States”. No State may lawfully make any law which contradicts its State Constitution or which interferes with Congress’ power to “organize, arm, and discipline the Militia”. State government can’t ignore the Unalienable Right of a People [who comprise the Militia] to keep and bear arms with draconian state gun ban laws. The state govt cannot destroy the ability of ALL its citizens to keep & bear arms. Yes, the state govt can prevent gun ownership for those who were found guilty of gun crimes, like armed robbery and murder. The people MUST have the right to keep & bear MODERN arms and high-capacity magazines that a militia would need in fighting a battle against a modern foreign military. State of Illinois’ laws are subservient to the US Constitution (per article VI, Clause 2).

    Liberal democrat hypocrites set the example of murdering over 61 million babies since 1973 for the children to learn murder is a problem-solving tool. Democrats teach human life has no value and then feign surprise when big cities like Chicago have 100’s of murders. Abortion loving politicians cry we need gun control, after they teach people murdering babies is okay. Abortion and the democrat’s baby killing agenda alike are deserving of our hatred for causing people to not value human life. Abortion is man’s inhumanity to man! Of course, the abortioncrats don’t allow the unborn baby a “right” to life, every sane person knows life begins at conception and knows the democrats teach children to NOT value human life by example, then they blame the guns for murders and wonder why there are violent crimes committed with guns by those who were taught not to value human life, their immorality and hypocrisy are obvious. When will the anti-2nd amendment liberals raise their children to value human life?
    When will abortioncrats stop teaching there is NO shame in murdering an unborn baby and sometimes born babies? The definition of murder is the taking of an innocent life, there is not a more innocent life than that of an unborn or just born baby. Democrat lawmakers teach guns are evil, guns aren’t evil, teaching abortion is okay, is evil….

    The unlawful shell bill con by the democrats does nothing but create more contempt and distrust for the Illinois state govt. Its one reason why some citizens refuse to register to or vote. THE CORRUPTION!
    Liberal state legislators are ideologically driven and have no love for the law. They are unconcerned with whether their desires for government action are legal. Their basis for what is right or wrong is how strongly they ‘feel’ about it. If they think something ought to be this way or that, then they don’t care what the State Constitution says or the reasons it was written that way……

  2. The unlawful gun ban shell bill con by the democrats does nothing but create more contempt and distrust for the Illinois state govt. Its one reason why some citizens refuse to register to or vote. THE CORRUPTION! That is absolutely contrary to the meaning and intent of Article IV, section eight of the state of Illinois constitution. With dictatorial democrats we don’t have lawmakers, we have lawbreakers.