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Stephen Boulton, Addicted to Attacking Conservatives, Rules Chicago GOP Like a Third-World Dictator, And It’s Time to go



By Illinois Review

In the last several days since Illinois Review published two articles exposing Chicago Republican Party Chairman Stephen Boulton as a man with anger issues who constantly attacks his fellow locally-elected ward committeeman and grassroots conservatives – and who believes that if you are unvaccinated, then you should pay for your own hospital costs; and if you require lifesaving measures due to COVID-19 – the resources spent to save your life would be a “waste” of money – literally dozens of people have reached out with copies of emails and screenshots of Facebook comments that prove even more abusive behavior from Boulton.

The information collected over the last several days is enough to create a whole series of articles that prove that Boulton is a better fit as a waiter at Ed Debevic’s, where being rude and a bully is part of the charm – then serving as the chairman of the Chicago Republican Party.

Politics is about addition – and Boulton screams subtraction. And the numbers prove it.

Boulton oversees an organization that couldn’t recruit or fund a single candidate to run for mayor, and there are currently 18 vacancies for the position of ward committeeman.

But it’s more than being a bully and rude, he frequently attacks women in public Facebook comments and in private emails – misogynist behavior that has no place in our society, let alone the Republican Party.

There are many good people within the Chicago Republican Party organization who donate their time and talents on a weekly basis. This is not about them.

This is about their leader, who has proven to be a liability to their organization – and who is not a welcoming representative of our Republican Party.

Lynn Franco, 8th Ward Committeewoman, is one of the brave women coming forward, who, for quite some time, has been a frequent target of Boulton’s attacks.

Chicago 8th Ward Republican Committeeman Lynn Franco is a frequent target of Chicago GOP chairman Stephen Boulton’s attacks.

On April 17, 2021, Boulton wrote an email with only a one-sided perspective, rushing to judgment, and accusing Franco of the very same behavior that Boulton exhibits on an every day basis.

Rules for thee, but not for me.

In the email, Boulton writes,

“It was indeed a sad moment to learn that your toxic conduct within the Chicago GOP has now reached a new level…..Regrettably, your negative conduct is now apparently escalating…Lynn, with your untoward conduct both continuing unabated and now being extended to activists outside of the Party structure, I write to inform you that my own tolerance of further vitriolic personal attacks is at an end….”

Boulton then concludes his email with this ultimatum,

“I regret to state that going forward you must either control yourself and cease these vitriolic attacks, or resign as Ward Committeeman…”

In her response back to Boulton, which Franco shared with Illinois Review, she replies,

“Steve, what you just wrote is totally NOT TRUE AND THIS IS SLANDER. I did not put anyone down. There are witnesses….This is just awful what you just wrote, Steve. This is truly, truly awful and none of it is true. I guess we now go to court because you did not even talk to me first…”

And last night, after Illinois Review published an article titled, “Chicago GOP Chair Stephen Boulton Has a History of Attacking Women, Conservatives on Social Media Using Personal and Official GOP Accounts,” Boulton went on Facebook under his personal account, leveling attacks in comments against Illinois Review, calling this publication “bozos,” “pathetic little liars,” and more “BS.”

Once again, proving Illinois Review right. Boulton responds to an article about attacking people, by, attacking people.

You can’t make this up.

It’s time for Boulton to go – and Illinois Review isn’t afraid to put our name to this. Politics can be a tough business, but when you start disrespecting and attacking women, we draw the line.

The Chicago Republican Party has a choice to make. Either defend a man with a history of misogynist behavior, or send a message to conservatives and women across the city and state that this behavior will not be tolerated any longer.

To borrow a line from Boulton himself,

“…you must either control yourself and cease these vitriolic attacks, or resign…”

Illinois Review believes it’s time to resign.


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  1. We would like to announce the… – Chicago Republican Party
    Apr 23, 2020 — We would like to announce the following appointments made by chairman Steve Boulton: 1st Vice Chair – Ammie Kessem of the 41st Ward Vice Chair. Another DEBACKLE! Ammie Kessem who STEVE BOULTON appointed supported AMENDMENT 1

    100 PERCENT along with her partner ANTI-TRUMPER MATT Their goal this past election was to promote WORKERS RIGHTS AMENDMENT and get it passed.

  2. I would bet $10,000 that Matt Podgorski & Ammie Kessem both voted for Donald Trump four times…in two primaries and two general elections. I would also wager that Ammie Kessem had more Trump yard signs in her ward in 2020 (41st Ward) than any other ward in the city of Chicago (more than 1000), meaning the signs were in YARDS, not on corners or in the public way. Trump received more votes in the 41st Ward than any ward in the city. Both are hardly “anti-Trumpers”. Ammie has built a strong Republican Ward (arguably, the most Republican ward in the city). There are many voters throughout the city, however, who are strong Republicans, who have moved on from Trump, wishing that he would be a King-maker, rather than a King. At the mere mention of Trump support in the city, there are many people – who would normally vote Republican – to shut their door, he turns them off. That is extreme in a different direction, but, no different than what ConservativeLatina is implying. We still have a Republican Party in the city of Chicago, and there better not be a litmus test based upon one’s support or perceived support of Trump, to belong, because that attitude is ‘cutting your nose off, despite your face”. There are MANY good possible choices for President in the Republican party – MANY more than the Democrats have. Just because someone might or might not support Trump is NOT a reason to show disdain for people. This remains the Republican Party, not the Trump Party, we should allow for freedom of choice and disagreement until a nominee is chosen, and then get behind the nominee, no matter who it is.