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Dist. 92 Superintendent Tim Arnold Harasses and Intimidates Mother, Physically Blocks Her From Recording Public Meeting, as Student Test Scores Continue to Drop



By Illinois Review

During a recent public meeting with parents to discuss their children’s school curriculum, District 92 school superintendent Tim Arnold expresses frustration that a mother was recording his remarks on her cell phone by blocking her camera, in an unprecedented show of disrespect to a taxpaying citizen who helps fund his over $204,000 annual salary.

The act, which was captured on video and posted on her husband Jay Roti’s Facebook page, is yet another example of the blatant disregard that school officials have for parents who want nothing but what’s best for their children.

In his post, Roti states,

“Unfortunately I could not be there, so my wife went there by herself to record the meeting for me.”

The public meeting, which was hosted by Arnold, and attended by over 125 parents, was to discuss the district’s adoption of the highly controversial sexual education curriculum known as the National Sexuality Education Standards, which allows teachers to teach children about gender identity, sexual orientation, hormone blockers and gender expression.

The curriculum has angered parents in Illinois and across the country – and that anger is justified.

More than 500 school districts in Illinois have exercised their ability to “opt-out,” declining to teach these outrageous sex education standards to children in their classrooms.

However, District 92 remains the only district within a twenty-mile radius that will teach this curriculum to students – triggering widespread criticism of Arnold, who continues to defend his decision.

As superintendent, Arnold has had a hard time hiding his far-left leanings and biases.

In an August 26, 2021 letter to staff, Arnold attacks the unvaccinated, writing,

“In the Governor’s speech, he stated that we are in a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ and the data certainly supports that observation. We say that we want no masks in schools (and who does?), but without being “all in” for the most effective weapon we have against COVID-19, an FDA approved vaccination, I see a future with increasing sickness and hospitalizations, not to mention increased restrictions and continued mask mandates.”

Arnold then challenges his team,

“The way out of this mess is to vaccinate up and stop the transmission of the more serious delta variant as soon as possible.”

A letter written by Dist. 92 Superintendent Tim Arnold urging staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine and to wear a mask.

Since Arnold took over as superintendent in 2019, the cost per pupil has increased by 33 percent.

In 2019, it was $15,345 per pupil.

In 2022, $20,461.

And test scores continue to drop under Arnold.

According to the Illinois Report Card, only 23 percent of eighth grade students are passing Algebra. In 2019 – Arnold’s first year, 36 percent of students were passing Algebra.

Only 23% of eighth grade students in District 92 are passing Algebra. (Source: Illinois Report Card)

Proficiency in English under Arnold’s tenure has dropped by a staggering 17 percent.

In 2019, 57 percent of eighth graders were proficient in English. In 2022, just 40 percent.

Perhaps Arnold should spend less time worrying about who’s recording his meetings and more time worrying about the drop in student test scores during his tenure.

And perhaps he needs a refresher that as superintendent – he reports to the shareholders – and in this case, it’s the parents – the local taxpayers, who pay his salary.


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