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Opinion: The Real State of Our Union



By John F. Di Leo, Opinion Contributor

The Constitution requires that a president deliver a State of the Union address to Congress once a year.

Since we have a fraudulent occupant in the Oval Office at the moment, it is perhaps not surprising that his take on the State of the Union is equally false.

The actual state of the union, today, is much darker, much more vulnerable, than most people want to admit. And in our hearts, we all know it.

What is the state of the union today, in 2023?

The federal government is joining with the corrupt local administrators of dozens of America’s big and medium sized cities, to hamstring law enforcement efforts in every way, from restricting the ability of police to do their jobs, to outright flooding the streets with criminals, both by reducing prosecutions and by quickly releasing from jail even those few who manage to get arrested and convicted.

The federal government is not only refusing to control the borders at all, it is globally advertising that America is open for invasion, literally encouraging the Third World to flood our country with their poorest, their sickest, and even their most criminal groups.

After a brief three-year recovery during the Trump years, cut short by COVID-19 and its attendant lockdowns, the American business community is again hamstrung by a statist federal government intent upon regulating the manufacturing sector out of existence, a federal government seemingly most focused on driving the consumption of imports in order to help Mainland China’s manufacturing goals.

The traditional American dream – that through an honorable and focused work ethic, each succeeding generation can enjoy a better standard of living than their parents – is under direct assault by both the federal government and the state governments of many blue states.

Official Democratic Party policy is now to spread the diseases of the cities – crime, poverty, filth and terror – into the suburbs and exurbs, through federally mandated building codes, bank and mortgage regulation, rejection of cash bail, the importation of criminal gang members through self-proclaimed sanctuary status, and so many other related assaults.

The big business community has been conned, goaded, or regulated into sewing the seeds of its own destruction, by such programs as ESG and BDS. Board of director seats are given to socialists, grants are awarded to criminal organizations like BDS and Antifa, businesses even finance so-called charities and education programs that exist only to propagandize and organize youths and whole communities against the very business community that funds and employs them.

The Democratic Party’s official adoption of class warfare as not just a tactic but a defining characteristic, is driving not only corrupt tax proposals such as “wealth taxes,” but also sneaky regulatory tactics, blocking the middle class and working poor at every turn.

The fraudulent cult of global warming, based upon the thoroughly disproven claim that carbon dioxide is somehow bad for the planet, is at the heart of countless assaults on both the American and global economies.

The left is banning affordable gas-powered furnaces, affordable gas-powered kitchen stoves, affordable internal combustion engine powered automobiles, affordable coal, gas, and petroleum powered electric power plants for the grid, and a host of other absolute necessities.

Such bans are all thoroughly destructive policies, all based entirely on the ridiculous fear of carbon dioxide, the one product that every single human being on earth, and every single animal on earth, exhales 24/7, and has since the dawn of time.

And they know it.

The Left supports this insanity because it facilitates their real goal of lowering the American standard of living.

The Biden-Harris regime has led an outrageous military policy, both fomenting a larger than necessary war between Russia and Ukraine, and pouring massive amounts of American military hardware and funding into this proxy war with no plan whatsoever for replenishment at home. This emptying of our arsenals, in combination with other disastrous choices such as the abandonment of our equipment in Afghanistan, leaves us militarily vulnerable at the very moment when so many of our enemies – from China to Iran to Russia – are in the ascendancy.

Following a courageous Supreme Court decision, rightly repealing the fifty-year error of Roe vs. Wade, turning the issue of abortion back to the states, the current regime has sought nonstop to try illegal ways around that ruling, to again federalize an issue that has been definitively ruled to be outside federal control.

The Democratic Party’s thralldom to the abortion lobby has driven them to explore executive orders, federal department programs, and even international treaties and NGO agreements, all in violation of this clear constitutionality ruling, all in pursuit of encouraging as many millions of abortions as possible, both here at home and worldwide.

As overwhelming evidence confirms that COVID-19 was a lab-created bioweapon, funded and designed in China, at least in part with the support of rogue elements in the United States’ own federal bureaucracy, Americans are torn over the horrific choice between admitting it out loud and punishing those responsible, versus the temptation to sweep it under the rug and hide the culpability of our own NIH and CDC from the world.

After generations of advancement by female students, building our scholastic athletics programs to the level at which girls could compete honestly for athletic scholarships toward higher education, the Democratic Party’s demonic endorsement of the trans movement has put all these advances in jeopardy, by encouraging boys to unfairly compete for trophies, programs, and scholarships that were meant for girls.

Both the federal bureaucracy and their allies in America’s corrupt teachers’ unions daily join in measures to squash any competitor or school district that stands up to support the rights of these persecuted girls.

Despite the best fiscal efforts of a number of responsible Republican state governments, the net government debt across the country, led by the federal government, has become an unbearable, unsustainable, unconscionable weight upon not only today’s economy, but that of future generations.

The overspending of the Pelosi congresses and the Obama and Biden regimes has finally done what all sane economists predicted it would: it has caused levels of inflation that outstrip even the worst days of the 1970s. This inflation robs all Americans, but of course hits those at the lower economic rungs the hardest.

It is therefore especially crippling to the working poor and the middle class.

As we continue to populate all levels of government with criminals and statists, we move further and further away from the limited-government constitutional republic that our founding fathers intended for us to enjoy. And these very unconstitutional bureaucrats and politicians take advantage of their power, first and foremost, to ensure their own reelection, and their own continued power, by dismantling the protections against vote fraud that once ensured free and honest elections in America.

Perhaps worst of all, the education system has so lost its way, focusing on anything but the things that matter, neglecting history most of all, that with every year, it becomes less and less likely that a majority of voters can be assembled to do the right thing on election day.

Without an American electorate, how can we ever return America to the tracks laid by our noble founding fathers?

Between the injection of non-Americans into the voting pool, and the refusal to properly prepare our own children to vote, the republican form of government has been all but abandoned in favor of a bread-and-circuses, welfare-based voting system, the very kind that brought down so many past empires, and ruined so many of history’s accomplishments.

This, unfortunately, is the State of the Union today.

It can be improved; our noble Republic can be restored once again, but only with the support of Divine Providence.

Our path to recovery gets harder and harder every year, as America’s enemies become more and more entrenched, and as America’s defenders and champions grow smaller in number and weaker in power.

Copyright 2023 John F Di Leo

John F. Di Leo is a Chicagoland-based trade compliance trainer and transportation manager, writer, and actor. A one-time county chairman of the Milwaukee County Republican Party, and former president of the Ethnic American Council, he has been writing regularly for Illinois Review since 2009.

A collection of John’s Illinois Review articles about vote fraud, The Tales of Little Pavel, and his 2021 political satires about current events, Evening Soup with Basement Joe, Volumes One and Two, are available, in either paperback or eBook, only on Amazon.

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