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Thorner: Heritage Action Strategy Call Held in Chicago



By Nancy Thorner, Opinion Contributor

On Monday, Heritage Action held a Sentinel Strategy Call in Chicago. Heritage Action, a sister organization of the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, is a conservative grassroots organization with two million activists across the country.

Heritage Action’s Sentinel Program was created to be the tip of the spear in the fight to achieve conservative victories in keeping Sentinels knowledgeable on policy tissues. The goal is for Sentinels to educate the people in their district and then have the voters call their federal representatives in Congress to either support or most likely oppose the legislation.

Heritage Action holds a weekly strategy call during which time there is a rundown of key federal legislation. Matt Crouch is the Regional Coordinator of Heritage Action for the Lower Midwest, which includes AR, IL, and MO – and he hosts the call.

As to why the Heritage Action event was held in downtown Chicago, Matt Crouch indicated that “the fight must be carried on to where the fight is. Heritage Action has not given up on the City of Chicago.”

In her role as a Heritage Action Sentinel, Nancy Thorner attended the Chicago Sentinel Strategy Call.

Conducting the Heritage Action Sentinel Call from Chicago were Director of Grassroots Janae Stracke and Vice President of Government Relations Ryan Walker.

Discussed was the folly of spending billions of dollars on electric charging stations, specifically in Wyoming and North Dakota; stopping out of control spending in relation to increasing the debt ceiling by making the same spending cuts as called for in the debt ceiling raise; and about the terrible job Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas is doing on immigration, which should result in his resignation, in light of his leftist priority of getting as many potential voters into the US as possible.

Following the Sentinel Strategy Call, Heritage Foundation Zack Smith shared a presentation which provided insight into the crime that plagues American cities and the prosecutors who are putting innocent American lives at stake, while treating criminals like victims.

Jeff Fiedler, the Chicago Republican Party Director of Communications was recognized in helping to bring Zack Smith to Chicago with Heritage Action.

Smith spoke initially about the rogue prosecutor movement, explaining how this ideological push dates back to the radical times of 1960-70 with the prison abolition movement advocating that no one should ever go to prison. In recent years the rogue prosecutor movement has come back defined in defunding the police movement.

How Kim Foxx became Cook County State’s Attorney

Before Kim Foxx there was another female district attorney, Anita Alvarez, who understood her job was to prosecute criminals, but George Soros came in against Alvarez’s re-election in 2016 with a dump of money and Foxx won.

And Soros continues to fund his style of district attorneys through PACs that are for lawlessness instead of law and order. And he continues to support radical prosecutors in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Chicago.

National movement to decriminalize certain offenses

Rogue prosecutors, like Kim Foxx in Cook County, don’t believe in bail. Instead, they release criminals pre-trial who then go out to commit another crime.

Because of pre-trial no bail release many criminals are fitted with an ankle monitor, which they immediately cut off with no consequences for violating their bail terms.

Also cited by Zack Smith, in August of 2020, the Chicago Tribune conducted an analysis showing that Kim Foxx had dropped felony cases involving charges of murder and other serious offenses higher than her predecessor. Fox however claimed that she is just being more selective about prosecuting only the strongest, winnable cases.

But what about juvenile offenders who are not being charged with crime? This has resulted in gangs recruiting minors to commit crime, knowing that there will only be a slap on the wrist if caught.

Is it any wonder that so-called “low-level crimes” like carjackings have surged in major cities like Chicago?

Unsurprisingly, in 2022 Chicago saw its deadliest year in a quarter-century last year.

Rather than implementing policies to combat violent crime in Chicago, Kim Foxx policies can only be described as lawlessness.

What to do about it?

Elected officials must be held accountable.

Mayor Lightfoot must hear from constituents that enough is enough, that fundamentally wanting to tear down and remake the justice system to further achieve the social justice cause is unacceptable.


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  1. Thankfully, Chicago Conservatives can vote for Paul Vallas in the February 28 Chicago jungle primary for Mayor without having to vote in a Democrat primary. Unfortunately, it will be hard to get rid of Kim Foxx
    unless Cook County conservatives can hold their nose and vote for her opponent in the Democrat primary. It has been decades since a Republican won countywide in Cook County.

  2. God Bless you Nancy! My long time Conservative activist friend! I am always pleased to read your wonderful articles! My fellow Sentinel! You are a GEM. Thank you for all your hard work in behalf of your fellow Americans and this Great Country we are restoring a day at a time. Love you Nancy!