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Grassroots Parents and School Board Candidates Under Attack, While Pritzker Directs $500K to Fund Liberal Extremists With a Partisan Agenda



By Illinois Review

With school board races dominating local headlines, the Democratic Party of Illinois just reported a $500,000 contribution from the JB for Governor campaign, in an effort to boost a liberal extremist agenda that promotes inappropriate sexual education curriculum and divisive concepts that only further deepen racial divides.

School board races are generating widespread attention throughout the country and in Illinois as liberal districts are promoting a sexual education curriculum that teaches young children about gender identity and hormone blockers – subjects completely inappropriate for children.

Gov. Pritzker donates $500,000 to the Democratic Party of Illinois to support liberal extremist school baord candidates on Feb. 27, 2023. (Source: Illinois State Board of Elections website.

These same school districts are also teaching about critical race theory – a divisive concept that teaches about race superiority and that the United States is fundamentally a racist country, among other things. Often, it is titled “culturally, responsive teaching,” “social/restorative justice,” “equity/gender support plans” and “social emotional learning.”

Several weeks ago, Gov. Pritzker went on the attack during a press conference, calling Illinois-based conservative grassroots organizations that recruit and support local school board candidates’ “racists” and “anti-LGBTQ.”

“There are organizations that are anti-LGBTQ, that are racist, that are anti-Muslim, that are supporting candidates for these local [school] boards, and they’re trying to take over at a local level and build up candidates at the local level that they can then run for the state legislature.”

Awake Illinois, a conservative grassroots organization and their founder Shannon Adcock, a local mother, has been on the receiving end of Pritzker’s attacks over the last year.

Adcock’s profile was elevated during the pandemic, when she joined thousands of parents across Illinois protesting the shutting down of schools and opposing the masking requirement for children upon their return.

During the pandemic, school board meetings were flooded with angry parents, advocating on behalf of their children.

In response, these parents were demonized, silenced, and they were even labeled as “domestic terrorists” by senior officials within the Biden administration.

Stand up for children, and you’re labeled an “extremist” and “domestic terrorist.”

Oppose mask mandates and you’re labeled an “extremist” and “domestic terrorist.”

Advocate for in-person learning and you’re labeled an “extremist” and “domestic terrorist.”

Oppose disgustingly inappropriate sexual education curriculum, and you’re labeled an “extremist” and “domestic terrorist.”

Oppose a curriculum that teaches children about racist concepts, and you’re labeled an “extremist” and “domestic terrorist.”

To throw these terms around is an insult to the brave men and women who wear the uniform and serve our country – who are out there in harm’s way protecting us every day from the real terrorists.

The Democrats are the extremists, not the grassroots. Not just in their words, but by their ideologies that they want taught in our classrooms.

Consider the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist list here in the United States and you’ll find the real terrorists – people who want to murder thousands of innocent people and repeat another September 11; who want to destroy our national defense facilities; and who are in-training at this very moment on how to bring bombs and explosives aboard civilian aircraft and take them down midair.

But as it turns out, the parents were right – they were always right.

In a paper published in 2022 on the consequences of remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic, the research concluded that the shift away from classroom instruction during the pandemic, “had profound consequences for student achievement.”

A Ohio State University study published in 2022 had the same findings – remote learning and virtual instruction had devastating effects on children.

In Chicago, test scores dropped significantly during the pandemic, and children have fallen so far behind in reading, writing and arithmetic – they are past the point of no return, unless drastic measures are taken immediately.

The Chicago Teachers Union were successful in their lobbying efforts to keep the schools closed during the pandemic, and the end result continues to prove catastrophic.

And if there was ever a case for educational malpractice, this would be it.

In June, Pritzker doubled down on his extremism talk, tweeting,

“So long as I’m governor, our state will be a bulwark of progress, equity, and justice. We’re in a battle between an extremist GOP and a Democratic party that offers a future of strong leadership and possibility.Thank you for entrusting me in this fight, Illinois.”

So far, Awake Illinois is supporting over 70 school board candidates across 12 districts – working tirelessly since 2021 to recruit and train these everyday moms and dads with zero support from the IL GOP and GOP-establishment donors.

And all of the support so far has come from their own members and candidates.

Meanwhile, Pritzker is funneling $500,000 and the Democratic Party of Illinois has targeted over 100 conservative grassroots school board candidates across 60 districts – to viciously attack and call them “extremists” for opposing a liberal extremists and partisan agenda.

The Democrats continue to prove by their rhetoric and the school curriculum that they are promoting – that they are the extremists.

And they’re running scared.


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  1. The leftist assault on parents is not restricted to school boards along. The Democrats are actively targeting elected library boards as well to prevent the “censorship” of books in the children’s departments. Kindergarten aged children need books about alternative lifestyles, drag queens, and irreversible gender affirming surgeries. If parents or library trustees object, they are labeled “Nazis.” The groomers know best. State Senator Laura Murphy is leading the charge to limit the ability of elected library trustees to rein in the worst excesses of salaried library bureaucrats.