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Breaking Records: Over 200 Million People Tuned Into Tucker’s Interview with Trump, as Vivek Dominated DeSantis on GOP Primary Debate Stage, and Trump Makes Ratings History



By Illinois Review

Over 200 million people – and counting – have tuned into Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Donald Trump – making it the most watched interview of all-time – which was released on the social media platform X at the same time as Fox News’ Republican Primary debate, in a deliberate dig at both the Republican National Committee and the one-time popular cable news channel which has purposely distanced itself from the widely popular former president in recent years.

On Sunday, Trump announced that he would not participate in Wednesday’s debate – and there’s no reason to. A recent CBS News Poll has Trump leading second place Fl. Gov. Ron DeSantis by 46 points and third place Vivek Ramaswamy by 55 points.

A recent CBS News Poll shows President Trump with a commanding lead in the Republican presidential primary.

Trump’s interview with Tucker purposely drew tens of millions away from the Fox News debate, but for the small audience tuning in, and those in attendance in Milwaukee – it was clear that Ramaswamy – a young 38-year old with no political experience – was last night’s debate winner.

Not only did he take center stage at the debate, but he also received a majority of the attacks from his fellow candidates – proving that Ramaswamy’s long shot campaign is gaining momentum as the battle for second place heats up.

And after the debate, informal polls showed Ramaswamy as the clear winner.

Over 138,000 people voted in the Drudge Report’s informal poll, and Ramaswamy was ahead of DeSantis by 15 points, 32-18.

An informal Drudge Report poll, with over 180,000 votes, showed Vivek Ramaswamy beating Fl. Gov. Ron DeSantis in Wednesday night’s debate by 15 points.

A political newbie, Ramaswamy is feeling the pressures of the national spotlight, and just recently, he made a political blunder by suggesting that the US cut aid to Israel – a strong ally and partner of the US for over 75 years.

During his presidency, President Trump balanced America First policies, while at the same time, supporting key allies like Israel, even financially.

On Monday, IR’s editor-in-chief Mark Vargas went on Newsmax to talk about Ramaswamy’s blunder, even predicting that he expects Ramaswamy will travel overseas soon to show some foreign policy credentials – an area where he is lacking real expertise on the campaign trail.

IR’s Mark Vargas on Newsmax on Monday.

But the second biggest news of the day, besides the record-breaking interview with Trump, was the arrest of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in Georgia earlier in the day.

On Wednesday, Giuliani arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, to turn himself in – marking a sad and dark day in our history – as Democrats – including the Biden Justice Department, continue to weaponize the justice system to target their political enemies – and in this case, for questioning local election results – something the Democrats have done for decades.

But all the mainstream media wanted to focus on was his mode of transportation – and why he arrived on a private jet despite mounting legal bills.

In an interview with Newsmax on Wednesday, Mayor Giuliani made a powerful point – warning attorneys across the country that he was being prosecuted simply for representing his client.

“They operate like communists…this was a terrible thing. And it’s not because of me….look at all the attorneys that are being prosecuted here. I’m basically being prosecuted for doing what I’ve done…over and over again as part of my profession. And in my case, I believe I was defending and advocating for an innocent man.”

President Trump is expected to be arraigned for a fourth time on Thursday afternoon in Georgia.


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