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It’s Time to Shut Down the Chop Shops

Protesters stage a "die-in" in the lobby of the Orlando International Airport on Oct. 28, 2022. (Source: Kat Duesterhaus/Orlando Sentinel)

In the old days there was a term for places car thieves would remove parts from stolen cars to sell them. They were known as “Chop Shops.”

In today’s world where liberal Democrats are in charge, the modern translation of “Chop Shops” describes facilities used for the mutilation of children via removing their body parts under the misnomer of gender affirming care (GAC). This does not include the horrific effects of puberty blockers, which is another evil aspect of GAC, but chop shops don’t use chemicals. They simply slice & dice people to get the job done.

There are restaurants and other food establishments that use the term “Chop Shop” associated with food preparation but in this context, it applies to those who want to remove normal body parts in an effort to “change” a person’s gender. It’s become a political campaign, the only result of which is to make peoples’ lives miserable. Many transgendered persons commit suicide, but the media ignores this completely. The ultimate result is depopulation, which is the goal of liberal elites and organizations such as the World Economic Forum.

There is a case in Canada where in 2009 a “Lois Cardinal” had surgery to convert his male genitalia into an artificial vagina. He’s been in pain ever since and the 35 year-old now wants to end his life. He has applied for the Canadian MAiD (medical assistance in dying) euthanasia programme, but so far has been denied.

GAC is anything but affirming of care which is needed for normal human development. It is not compassionate nor respectful of a person’s biological growth that is needed to become a healthy adult. Ask any non-WOKE endocrinologist what happens when a person’s hormonal development is stifled. They are rife with disease or other developmental issues which means they will have a very abnormal, painful life. It is very cruel indeed – and should be criminal.

It is intentional of the GAC promoters of Marxism to practice the technique of divide-and-conquer. The intention is to tear down society and further separate people by convincing them they need to go to the “Chop Shop” to have their body parts removed.

Rather than try to reason with these evil people who promote “Chop Shops,” they need to be defeated politically pure and simple. Human “Chop Shops” must be shut down.


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