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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Irene F. Starkehaus

Starkehaus: So Bill Kristol nominates David French for president? Would that make Jonah Goldberg our next VP?

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  For Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard, it would seem that voting for Donald Trump is only slightly more...

Starkehaus: Pat Brady’s FU confirms what RINOs have been doing to Illinois for decades

IL GOP Platform Committee's Pat Brady (3rd fr r) and Ryan Higgins (center) By Irene F. Starkehaus -  The texted statement made by 6th CD...

Starkehaus: Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils Requires a Lesser of Two Evils

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  As a result of society's increasing nonjudgement born of secular homogenization, it would seem that God has been recast...

Starkehaus: The Long Journey to #NeverTrump

By Irene F. Starkehaus - Out of all the dystopian fictions that I've read over these many decades, there are only two that make...

Starkehaus: Trump v Clinton and other Apocalyptic visions

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  For the record, I did reread Revelation just to clarify our current position, and it would seem there are...

Starkehaus: From Selfridge’s emancipation to PayPal and Apple’s misguided war on women

By Irene F. Starkehaus -  The big revolutions in human history don't happen in a vacuum. Certainly there are moments of historical import that...

Starkehaus: Will Conservatives forsake Eden to pursue Apple Jacks?

By Irene Starkehaus -  In many ways, it was easier being a conservative in the 1980s and 90s than we will likely ever experience...


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