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Di Leo: Post-Election Blues of the Offended Masses

By John F. Di Leo -   The first week since the Trump/Pence ticket’s solid electoral victory (winning 3084 of the USA’s 3141 counties) has been...

O’Brien: 2016 Presidential Election Was 2008 Do-Over

By Teri O'Brien -  Listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show know that I am fond of quoting the following statistic about the 2004 election...

Di Leo: Polling, Elections, and Reality

By John F. Di Leo -   The polls are finally getting honest, and it's neck-and-neck.  The pollsters have had a heck of a time...

ICYMI: Di Leo: Why I left #Never Trump-ers to happily vote for Trump and Pence

Tomorrow is Election Day, and there's still a few that say they are undecided - hard to believe, but it's true. Over the past...

DiLeo: Why I left #NeverTrumpers to happily vote for Trump/Pence ticket

By John F. Di Leo - When the 2016 primaries began, I was excited at the prospect of nominating Governor Bobby Jindal or Governor...

Knight: The Last Real Election

Knight says Clinton win would assure a continued assault on the two-party system By Robert Knight - A Hillary Clinton presidency would bring many things,...

Foster: In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton is for open borders

By Howard Foster -  Thanks to Wikileaks we know that Hillary Clinton gave a speech to a Brazilian bank in 2013 in which she...


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