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Gov. JB Pritzker Signs Legislation Allowing Undocumented Immigrants to Obtain an Illinois Driver’s License, Says it “Eliminates Barriers”

By Illinois ReviewUndocumented immigrants will now be able to obtain an Illinois Driver’s License, after Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed legislation into law eliminating...

Di Leo: All Crime and No Punishment, from Chicago to Springfield

By John F. Di Leo -  On Saturday, April 9, the most recent session of the Illinois State Legislature finished up its business by passing...

Di Leo: Border Politics and the Risk to Our Nation

By John F. Di Leo -  There is an effort being waged – by politicians, media, and pop culture figures – to convince Americans...

Di Leo: Iranian Provocations and the Risks of Inaction

By John F. Di Leo - The news of the day concerns Iran, a country that shot down a hundred-million-dollar American drone in international...

Di Leo: The Wall Isn’t Just About Immigration; It’s About Everything.

By John F. Di Leo -  With some share of non-essential government services in shutdown mode (at this writing), the nation is talking about...

Di Leo: Immigration, Past and Present, One by One and Into the Millions

By John F. Di Leo -  Reflections on Immigration at a time of Thanksgiving Immigration looms large on the public consciousness these days, with daily...

Pierce: Every Election Season We are Reminded that God Gave Us Two Hands

By Sam Pierce -  Is Illinois special or do most states frequently suffer being presented a choice between two liberals seemingly every election cycle?...


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