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Di Leo: The Democrat Party Finds a Scapegoat at the Seaport

By John F. Di Leo -  Analysis of the real story behind the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022 In a lesson for the ages about...

Di Leo: Michael Bloomberg Raises Question of the Year

By John F. Di Leo -  The most important question raised in the Democratic Party’s South Carolina debate did not concern such foolish measures as...

Di Leo: From Outsourcing to Insourcing – The Hot New Trend?

By John F. Di Leo -  As business publications look back on the first half of the Trump administration – in particular, on the...

Di Leo: Global Trade and the Challenges of Intellectual Property

By John F. Di Leo -  As the Trump administration has focused heavily on trade this year, it has been instructive to note the weight...

Di Leo: Media Hysteria and Historical Context in the NAFTA Discussions

By John F. Di Leo -  Every time the President talks about trade negotiations, it makes the news. On July 18, he mentioned –...

Di Leo: Local Shade and International Trade

By John F. Di Leo -  As the weather warms in May, and neighbors start taking constitutionals around the neighborhood again, we enjoy the fragrance...

Di Leo: Are Tariffs Really Taxes on a Foreign Country?

By John F. Di Leo -  What exactly IS a tariff?  We hear about them occasionally in economic and political discussions, but folks who...


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