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Thorner/Ingold: Pelosi Scorns May’s Incredible Jobs Report

By Nancy Thorner and Ed Ingold -  The month of May closed with amazing news on the economy. It looks unstoppable and signals the...

Manufacturing Jobs Continue to Lag in Illinois

Jobs in manufacturing - those that build up and keep the state's middle class healthy and contributing to the state's financial solvency -...

Di Leo: Even with an Angelic Subject like “Made in America,” the Devil is in the Details

By John F. Di Leo - Reflections on government procurement and the Buy American Act President Donald Trump traveled to southeast Wisconsin to make a...

Di Leo: Citizens, Immigrants, and Illegals: A Long-Blind Nation Sees Clearly Again

By John F. Di Leo -  There are about 95 million people of working age in America who are outside the workforce, some willingly, most...

Latest report shows Obama’s jobs strategy a dismal failure, Trump advisor says

WASHINGTON - Only 151,000 American jobs were added in the month of August, as the unemployment  rate persistently held at 4.9 percent, the Labor Department reported...

Di Leo: Chain Closings and the Very Big Picture

By John F. Di Leo -  Should we be worried if the stock market doesn’t seem to be? We get the oddest mixed signals from the...

Di Leo: Dwindling Jobs…and Attacking the Producers

By John F. Di Leo -  How would you react to the following news stories? “Former Shoppers Fined $5,000 for No Longer Frequenting Nearby Mall” Residents...


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