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Chicago public school students protest their … FREE cafeteria food




As Dave Huber of The College Fix reports, students at Chicago’s Roosevelt High School are “fed up,” to quote NPR’s Scott Simon, with their free cafeteria food. And the students aren’t going to take it. In fact, they’re boycotting the gratis grub.

The Daily Times reports:

“We want our school to be better,” Jacquez Conwell, a junior at Roosevelt High School participating in the student protest of the “crap” meals, told HuffPost. “It’s not fair for us kids, us teenagers, to go through the day where we’re not satisfied. And if we’re not satisfied, we’re not learning anything and we’re not focused.”

Conwell is one of many Roosevelt students participating in a campaign that’s been titled The School Lunch Project.

Late last month, students debuted their website featuring photos of unappetising food they’ve been served at school, including images of still-frozen fruit cups, spoiled produce and questionable meat.

…“Lunch time is the time where you eat and enjoy your free time,” the students’ website reads. “It’s supposed to be the place where students get the best healthy lunches like salads, sandwiches, fresh fruits, etc. Instead they give some gross, unhealthy food.”

Every student gets a free lunch (if they want) in Chicago schools so that, as NPR notes in its report on the boycott, there is no stigma for low-income students.


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  1. The give-a-way about this give-a-way was the admission that the “civics class” created the web site. The teacher involved is radical agitator Tim Meegan. Comrade Meegan’s school web page has one Commie quote: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. ~ Karl Marx.” This is how public monies are used to destroy America.
    The school offers classes called “Intro to Culinary Arts” which is certainly needed. How many students make their lunches at home and bring them to school to avoid being poisoned by gringos?
    In the photo section readers were shown the student-praised lunches in Mexico. Too bad so many Mexicans leave the deliciously comforting cuisine in Mexico to live on Medici trained taxpayers in America.
    The students lament that the lunch food crises contributes to academic performance. Here’s the schools status http://www.usnews.com/education/best-high-schools/illinois/districts/chicago-public-schools/roosevelt-high-school-6582/test-scores
    It should be noted that schools provide BREAKFAST and well as lunch. Perhaps dinner should be served also…prime rib, lobster with drawn butter, bouillabaisse and other Mexican delicacies.
    Apparently Hispanic family values do not include families feeding their children at home in the morning or making them brown bag it.
    Note the malnourished urchins are thanking all the Democratic politicians for their help. Such idiocy! WHO CREATED THE PROBLEM IN THE FIRST CASE?

  2. From the Civic Students’ website:
    “We improved our ACT scores and our attendance rates. If students don’t get a reward for what they do then they are just going to stop doing it. That is why we deserve a better lunch.”
    I’d say CPS is performing its function to matriculate another generation of ill-informed and entitled crybabies incapable of navigating the real world. Perhaps their counselors haven’t yet told them their master’s name begins with a “D.”
    On the plus side, these kids seem to have figured out that someone’s getting paid for their “free” lunch.