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Farook and new wife entered U.S. through Chicago’s O’Hare



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CHICAGO – In July 2014, a couple entered the United States through Chicago's O'Hare Airport on their way to San Bernardino, California, from Pakistan, where 18 months later, they – as radical jihadists – would shoot and kill 14 and injure 21 others at a Christmas Party. 

ABC News obtained and released a photo taken that day at O'Hare of Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife or partner, Tashfeen Malik. 

The San Bernandino killer, who worked for the city as an environmentalist engineer, was born at Cook County Hospital June 14, 1987. Syed Rizwan Farook and his childhood family lived in the Chicago area at various locations from Chicago proper to Elmhurst to Plainfield before settling in California, where Farook graduated from high school in 2003. 

Farook's wife Tashfeen Malik was born in Pakistan. She entered the U.S. on a fiance' visa in 2014. They had a baby girl together in June of 2015. 


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  1. Complete slime.
    Contrary to the most natural of all human laws, these animals in effect abandon their own child in order to murder the very people who gave them a baby shower.
    The atheist, Muslim-in-Chief currently squatting in the White House can never find angry words for human trash like these killers, but can only “warn” against cops (particularly white ones) AND Republicans. Only fourteen months until this creature is evicted.
    Soon they won’t even bother with O’Hare. Look at these invaders, especially the actor at the beginning who speaks educated English, and how these well-dressed, well-fed freeloaders want to make it to Germany for free meals, housing, etc. Then…on to Obamaland where they can luxuriate in splendor, supported by racist Americans! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlBXpkZ44Vc
    Why, a normal person will ask, would they want to come to a country they hate?