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Interview with Pastor Doug Wilson [video]



Theologian and pastor Doug Wilson was interviewed by Pastor Derek Buikema.


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  1. I usually do not engage in theological debates because such ideas merely reflect one’s belief system rather than substantive and verifiable facts. I never argue beliefs, merely facts.
    Wilson is certainly confused about any hydrogen atom “exploding” and his view of God creating a fixed “nature” flies in the face of experienced realities. It is known and tested that radiation alters DNA which can lead to alterations in normal development and growth in every creature from fruit flies to humans. Asteroids follow a stochastic (random) process in getting bumped out of orbit; nothing fixed.
    It was interesting to hear him suggest that all idolatries have contradictions since idolatries are simply belief systems. The same could be said of any religion, and I need not remind anyone of the hundreds of books which demonstrate contradictions within biblical texts.
    I oppose abortion and same-sex marriage, but these are political issues not cultural ones. If the kind of religious behavior he advocates is so unfixed, he will be very busy explaining the multiple wives of the Patriarchs, the treatment of Canaanites by Joshua, and the like.