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Own a gun? New survey says you probably sleep a little better each night




Does having a gun make Americans safer? Gun owners say yes.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 63% of Americans with a gun in their household feel safer because someone in that household owns a gun. Just two percent (2%) say having a gun in the house makes them feel less safe, while 32% say it has no impact on their personal safety. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

And the day after Thanksgiving, the FBI reported conducting 185,345 background checks; the previous record was just over 175,000 on Black Friday in 2014.

In light of the surging interest in gun ownership, at least one Illinois State House member wants firearm buyers to be protected from outrageous taxes or fees imposed by local governments on the purchase of guns or ammunition.

Southern Illinois Democratic Representative Jerry Costello filed House Bill 4348 last week, which would include banning home rule units of government from also imposing any tax, fee, or other assessment–other than the normal sales tax rate for goods–on firearm attachments.

Costello says Cook County is exploring taxing ammunition, something he wants to prohibit all counties and local governments from doing, INNetwork reports.


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  1. We continually hear the media tout terms like “Assault Weapons,” “common sense gun laws,” “Global Warming,” etc. etc. etc.
    In Logic Class in college, I learned about “Glittering Generalities,” a term which can be programmed into the brain to mean ANYTHING the hearer or reader WANTS to believe it means.
    “Mom, the Flag, and Apple Pie” is such term when it is applied to American patriotism.
    In other words; the definition of “assault weapon” can be twisted to mean ANY “gun,” even a BB gun.
    “Common Sense gun laws” can be twisted to mean “NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO OWN ONE.”
    “Global Warming” can mean anything any liberal or Democrat pseudo-“scientist” can CLAIM it to be, actual evidence to the contrary.
    The Second Amendment was (and IS) established to guarantee Americans the RIGHT to defend ourselves, our homes and families, and our nation against all enemies, foreign, domestic, or criminal.
    When asked why he has a concealed carry permit, an acquaintance replied; “Because I can’t carry a COP in my pocket!”
    Taxation of ANY part of our RIGHTS under the Second Amendment should be found as ILLEGAL, as was the VOTER TAX was found to be in the South over forty years ago.
    (End of sermon)