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IL loses gun manufacturer, 120 jobs to Iowa

MILAN - Over 120 Milan Illinois jobs will be moving north and across the Mississippi River into Iowa. Lewis Machine and Tool will be...

Thorner: Again, Liberals lose gun and economy debates

Daily Beast photo By Nancy Thorner -  In 480 B.C., the Persians demanded that the Spartans surrender their arms at Thermopylae. To which King Leonidas...

IL Senate celebrates #NationalWalkoutDay by passing measure raising semi-automatic purchase age to 21

SPRINGFIELD - Adding to the drama of #NationalWalkOutDay - a movement against guns and the National Rifle Association being promoted by gun control activists...

NRA takes aim at mainstream media in new video

From the National Rifle Association to the mainstream media: "Your claim to the truth is as legitimate as a thief's ..." Wayne LaPierre...

Gun stocks surge as background checks hit all-time high

If you've got a few extra bucks to invest, Smith & Wesson's stocks are surging, thanks to a new all-time high in the number...

Kirk uses terrorist tragedy to crusade against citizen rights

CHICAGO - Ignoring the failure of government to protect citizens from home-grown terrorism, Illinois' U.S. Senator Mark Kirk took to the op/ed pages of...

Rep. Dold Received $3M In Support from Bloomberg’s Gun Control Super PAC

WASHINGTON DC - As reported in the Washington Free Beacon, Illinois Congressman Bob Dold (R), one of the Republican congressmen introducing a gun control...


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