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Rubio wins in Libertyville GOP straw poll




LIBERTYVILLE – In a straw poll held in Libertyville after Tuesday night's GOP presidential candidate forum, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio emerged as the favorite among 100 Lake County Republican Federation members.

Rubio received 31 percent of the vote, Ted Cruz 22, and Donald Trump 18, as the top three.

“It was great to see so many Lake County Republicans come out and listen to the GOP Presidential Candidates,” said Larry Falbe, Lake County Republican Federation President. “Some who came had a favorite candidate, and some did not, but everyone had a great time.  Once a nominee is selected, Republicans will all coalesce behind him or her, and lead us to victory in November.”

For the straw poll, each guest was given a ballot and asked to vote for only one candidate.  Voting opened at 6:30 pm, and votes were collected through the end of the evening.  

With Rubio, Cruz and Trump at the top, behind them followed Jeb Bush at 8 percent, Chris Christie 7, John Kasich 6, Ben Carson 4, Mike Huckabee 3 and Carly Fiorina 1. 


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  1. Not one person voted for Rand Paul, or was he excluded from the poll, or just your reporting of the poll, or are my eyes deceiving me? I find it hard to believe that Mike Huckabee got more votes than Rand Paul. I call shenanigans. And for a town called LIBERTYVILLE? C’MON MAN!

  2. Well, this pretty much sums up how far the Lake County Republican Federation members have their heads up their *sses, and why I don’t give one single ounce of credence to what they think or espouse.
    Seriously, RUBIO???
    Do some homework, LCRF rubes, Rubio might just be the candidate on the stage whom is easiest to defeat.
    He has a Gang of Eight problem, he has a bought-and-paid-for problem, he has a wife-who-is-also-bought-and-paid-for-problem, he has past serious financial problems, and he has some yet to be discussed marital problems.
    Rubio is very probably the single most deeply flawed candidate running.
    Other than Hillary, of course, who some of the LCRF apparently would have voted for given the opportunity.