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Sharpton Says Rahm Must Go




Left-wing activist Al Sharpton called for Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is vacationing in Cuba, to step down because of his poor management of race and policing in Chicago.

“You talk about a crisis on steroids,” Mr. Sharpton said Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “You are in the middle of a recall vote, they are circulating petitions in Chicago to recall you, the state legislature is going to have to deal with it and you don’t even come back? This is the height of either insensitivity or lack of intelligence or arrogance, or a reasonable combination of all three.

Asked if Mr. Emanuel could continue in his job, Mr. Sharpton replied: “I don’t see how he can continue governing now…now I think he’s gone beyond the point where he can even govern…certainly from where I sit he should [step down] because [the people] have clearly said ‘how do we trust this kind of administration to correct when you have this going so far off track and you’re not even showing up and dealing with it.’”



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  1. When Sharpton lives here, pays taxes here and votes here, his opinion can be considered.
    Until then, Al, go back to the filth of NYC and shut up about Chicago politics. We already have Jesse Jackson to do more than enough trouble-making here.