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Walsh: I was Trump before Trump




MCHENRY – Radio talk show host Joe Walsh told Facebook followers Monday morning he was saying Trump-like things five years ago when he was a congressman from Illinois – something people wanted to hear. 

"I was Trump before Trump," the bombastic Walsh wrote. "I went to Washington 5 years ago to speak my mind and I didn't care if I offended anyone. Because of that, the media tried to destroy me. Trump's microphone is too big for the media."

Walsh was quoted in a Washington Post story last week that suggests conservative radio shock jocks like Walsh and Rush Limbaugh paved the way for a Trump candidacy. Walsh told the WaPo reporter Trump's comments that many thought would collapse his bid for president worked to increase his notoriety.

“My instant reaction was to think, ‘He’s going to be leading in the polls within two weeks,’ ” Walsh said. “I thought, ‘This is going to put him on the front page.’ ”

Now Walsh says he was Trump before Trump was Trump, and continues to bypass the media that he distrusts, going directly to like-minded people through his radio show, Facebook and Twitter.

Just like Donald Trump.

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Walsh toyed with Illinois conservatives during the petition-gathering period, suggesting to some that he may be challenging Mark Kirk for his U.S. Senate seat.

In the end, he did not file petitions to challenge Kirk, but chose instead to keep his daily radio show during the drive home time slot.


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  1. Exactly! Both Walsh and Trump were formerly ultra liberal knuckleheads- Walsh was originally for gun control and abortions and Trump used to provide financial backing for the Clintons and other Democrats. Now both of these charlatans pretend to be conservatives.

  2. To paraphrase joe here: “me, I, me, me, I, (insert absurd comment to try to get fame).” Yep I guess he is the original trump. Joe is a hateful man, and that saddens me. Purity for profit….anger for money.
    Good thing that he is a dying breed. These talk shows are losing listener share quickly

  3. There are different brands of conservatism. One of them is the neocon version that has hijacked the Republican party the last 40 years and has ruined this country. It is in love with economic graphs and esoteric theories and an empire-building foreign policy. It does not care about our culture one bit and aspires to global domination. Of course there is nothing conservative about it.
    The other, older and true brand of conservatism (often called paleoconservatism) seeks to preserve our culture and it less economicly and philosophically ideological. Since economics is often called “The Dismal Science” because of the many changing variables to a healthy economy paleo-conservatives are more pragmatic in their approach toward economic policy. Whatever works to preserve the middle class and preserve our way of life and our culture.
    In fact, you could even argue the New Deal was conservative in a way because it was a different way of preserving the middle class way of life that had developed in the US since the 1860s but which the old order was unable to sustain due to changing economic conditions. When that ran it’s course by the 1980s, Reagan had to change the paradigm to preserve the middle class. Trump is now essentially proposing to do a similar thing. If he wins and he accomplishes this he will be a great President like Reagan and FDR.
    Remember, neo conservatives are in love with ideas and are very rigid in their thinking whereas paleo-conservatives are focused on preservation of OUR way of life and are more flexible. So which is more conservative in a true sense?- The answer is obvious.
    So Walsh and Trump were both always conservative, of the paleo-conservative kind. What’s screwed up is that so many in the Republican party are still enchanted with the neo-conservatives who will stick to the same playbook that is leading to a widening gap between the rich and poor and the evisceration of a middle class way of life.

  4. Joe is absolutely correct when he said the media went after him. Everyone knows the liberal media is an arm of the DNC. They colluded to supervise formation of public opinion with lies and propaganda, and target Joe.
    Much in the same way the corrupt liberal media targeted the Tea Party and told lie after lie about it. No one respects the liberal media because they don’t report the news and the whole truth, they fabricate 1/2 truth stories to attack people and groups. Its no wonder they lost so many viewers and listeners.

  5. When Joe Walsh speaks on any topic, I know exactly where he stands. I have always respected him for that and will continue doing so.
    When Donald Trump speaks on any topic, I know nothing about where he really stands. One is an opportunist (Trump) and the other genuine (Walsh).
    My advice to Joe Walsh is to stop saying you were the original Trump. You aren’t. You are the original Joe Walsh, and that is why so many, including myself, respect you!