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Batinick pushes amendment to allow most elected officials to be recalled




JOLIET – Is there any elected official that shouldn't be sensitive to a possible recall if he or she aggravates constituents or abandons his or her oath to uphold the state's constitution? 

Not really, or so it would appear that's what State Rep. Mark Batinick (R-Plainfield) thinks.

“Simply put, recall is good policy and would ensure a greater degree of accountability than we have now,” Rep. Batinick said. “Having a comprehensive recall law in place would give voters an important tool to keep their elected officials at levels accountable at all times, not just before an election.”

Thursday, Rep. Batinick and several other colleagues introduced a resolution that would amend the state Constitution to allow the recall of Executive Branch officers and state lawmakers. It also changes the signature requirements for affidavits and petitions for recall of the Governor. 

In addition, the amendment would allow the recall of an individual holding a local elected office, including, but not limited to, mayors, village presidents, council members, school board members, community college officials, and county officials.

The resolution already has bi-partisan support. State Representative Jack Franks (D-McHenry) signed on as co-sponsor to Batinick's bill, as did Republicans David McSweeneyRon Sandack and Ed Sullivan.

The resolution does not mention recalling justices of Illinois' elected Supreme Court.

The proposal would need a super majority in both Houses before it appeared on the ballot for  voters' consideration. It would then need to win voters' approval before it would go into effect.


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