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Illinois Republican Establishment split behind Bush and Kasich




SPRINGFIELD – The delegates lining up behind GOP presidential candidate former Governor Jeb Bush are notable names from the Illinois Republican Party establishment wing, ranging from former party finance committee chairman Ron Gidwitz to former Governor Jim Edgar and several IL GOP State Central Committee members.

Despite former presidential candidate Mitt Romney's warnings he reports he gave to the former governor, some Illinois notables' names will appear on the ballot associated with Bush.

“Jeb, to be very honest, I think it’s very hard for you to post up against Hillary Clinton and to separate yourself from the difficulty of the W. years and compare them with the Clinton years,” Romney recalled telling Bush, referring to former President George W. Bush’s administration.

A Clinton-Bush election “would be too easy for the Democrats,” Romney told the Post.

Jeb Bush supporters whose names will appear on the March 15th GOP primary ballot in their respective congressional districts as delegates, despite Bush's thus far very low poll numbers include:

  • Former Governor Jim Edgar
  • Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Senator  Bill Brady
  • Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Kirk Dillard
  • Congressman Adam Kinzinger
  • State Central Committee members John Dorgan, Carol Smith Donovan, Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar
  • Former IL GOP finance committee chairmen Ron Gidwitz and Tyrone Fahner
  • State Senators Chris Nybo and Karen McConnaughey 
  • Mayors Skip Saviano (Elmwood Park), Rodney Craig (Hanover Park)
  • Illinois Manufacturing Association lobbyist Greg Baise
  • Former DuPage County Board Chairman Robert Schillerstrom
  • Publisher Brian Timpone
  • Former Chicago GOP Chairman Adam Robinson
  • Former State Rep. Raymond Poe
  • Former Bremen Township GOP Chairman Patrick Rea

Other active Republican Party leaders have indicated their support for Ohio Governor John Kasich – although Kasich's campaign has not yet presented ballot petitions as of 2:30 PM Monday.

Those ILGOP leaders that have declared their support Kasich include Senate Minority Leader Chris Radogno and the following:

  • Dan Cronin, DuPage County Board Chairman
  • Dave Syverson, Illinois State Senator, 35th District
  • Ed Sullivan, Illinois House of Representatives, 51st Distrct
  • David Harris, Illinois House of Representatives, 53rd District
  • Ron Sandack, Illinois House of Representatives, 81st District
  • Tom Demmer, Illinois House of Representatives, 90th District
  • Randy Frese, Illinois House of Representatives, 94th District
  • Jim Schultz, Director, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity; Chairman, Citizens for Rauner
  • Pat Brady, former Chairman of the Illinois Republican Party
  • Sean Morrison, Cook County Commissioner, 17th District

Leadership Team:

  • Aaron Del Mar, Chairman of the Cook County Republican Party
  • Seth McMillan, Chairman of the Christian County Republican Party
  • Jerome Groniger, Chairman of the Coles County Republican Party
  • Liz Gorman, former Cook County Commissioner, 17th District
  • Cory Jobe, Director, Illinois Office of Tourism, Ward 6 Alderman
  • John Farney, Champaign County Auditor
  • Kristy Stephenson, City Treasurer, City of Metropolis 

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  1. It’s a shame they don’t listen to the average Republican in Illinois. Jeb Bush? Most people don’t want another Bush anymore than they want another Clinton. Kasich? No chance in hell to get the nomination. I can’t believe they don’t understand the amount of anger toward the establishment there is out here.

  2. Of all the active Republicans I know in my neck of the woods there is not one I know of who is supporting Bush or Kasich.
    NOT ONE.
    Most are… yep… Trump with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio way behind.
    Full Disclosure – I am a Cruz guy.
    Further Full Disclosure – I am only speaking for myself and not for any Republican Organization I may be an officer of.

  3. Of course we already knew this. But increasingly the typical Republican primary voter could cares less what the elites tell us peasants what to do and think.
    I know of know one who wants Bush, Christie or Kasich. Am I out of the loop? I doubt it. Only talk is of Trump or Cruz although they like Carson he just does not have the depth.

  4. This might be the old establishment.
    I am finding much more support for Cruz, Rubio, and Trump. The so called “establishment” is
    losing some credibility. I think in a couple weeks this will all change.
    Same thing with the senate race as people shift away from Mark Kirk to support James Marter.

  5. Sad thing is everyone of those listed above probably signed onto Jeb Bush gagging, because they just know only a “moderate” like Mark Kirk or Bob Dold could get elected statewide in Illinois.
    None of them were likely to be happy with Bush’s conservative stand on abortion or national sovereignty.
    The question is why do they continue to try to bully the rank and file into accepting their lack of moral values? They should be ousted – I agree!

  6. The Illinois Republican establishment is grossly out of touch.
    It is easy to see why the Democrats have steam rolled them for a generation.
    NO LEADERSHIP. If not for Rauner’s money this bunch of clowns would have lost to Pat Quinn again!
    Bush ? Kasich ? Can we do no better?
    Hopefully Ted Cruz has a delegate slate that someone has forged then we can line up behind a real american leader and stick a finger in the eye of the establishment.

  7. Ha!
    Those 2 jamokes – and their total of 7 pct in the polls – are going nowhere fast.
    It figures that Illinois’ retard GOP would hitch their wagons to these 2 losers.
    Jeb Bush:
    “My wife is right here, do you want to apologize to her?”

  8. The former differences between the Republican Party and the Democrat party have almost disappeared and our Republican party leaders are the ones at fault. It’s hard to understand how they can’t see (Or do they just ignore) the tidal wave that’s going to hit them.

  9. looking at the list of Jeb Bush supporters, I see many of the usual suspects who have screwed up government in Illinois for three or four decades.
    Although not a Kasich fan, I see some Republicans with new names and hopefully new ideas, among his supporters. But neither one of these two gets much support from the GOP “base” in my area.
    All I hear is support for Trump or Cruz.

  10. You’re not out of the loop,
    You’re ahead of the curve.
    Unfortunately, the illinois GOP is not only out of the loop but also way back down the road, going 25 mph under the speed limit, about to make a wrong turn.
    Trust your instincts Frank, not the illinois GOP.