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Polls indicate Kasich climbing in New Hampshire GOP primary




SPRINGFIELD – It may be that the Illinois GOP hierarchy that signed on to be delegates for Ohio Governor John Kasich are about to get good news about their presidential pick. Seven polls since the first week of January show Kasich polling second to Donald Trump among independents in the early primary state of New Hampshire.

Additionally, the poll reports Kasich is the only Republican viewed favorably by independent voters in New Hampshire. See the poll results here

Although Trump's leading by over 20 points in most of the polls, Kasich's campaign is thrilled with the polling and four of the state's major news sources endorsing the former congressman over the front runner Trump. 

  • OANN/Gravis Marketing: Jan 15-18: Trump 35%, Kasich 15%, Cruz 10%, Rubio 9%, Christie 8%, Bush 7%
  • American Research Group, Jan 15-18: Trump 27%, Kasich 20%, Rubio 10%, Cruz/Christie 9%, Bush 8%
  • Overtime Politics, Jan 14: Trump 30%, Kasich 15%, Rubio 13%, Christie 9%, Cruz 9%, Bush 6%
  • Monmouth, Jan. 7-10: Trump 32%, Kasich/Cruz 14%, Rubio 12%, Christie 8%, Fiorina 5%, Bush/Paul 4%
  • American Research Group, Jan 7-10, Trump 25%, Kasich/Rubio 14%, Christie 10%, Bush 8%, Cruz 9%
  • NH1, Jan 9: Trump 32%, Kasich/Bush 12%, Christie 11%, Cruz 10%, Rubio 9%


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  1. to be honest it is simply political, with so many candidates and all needing delegates, the supporters were thinly divided statewide, I mean come on that is a great deal of delegates needed.
    BUT …to be fair seems all of the candidates, came up short in one form or another in their filings,
    Cruz, Rubio, bush…NONE had a 100% filing of all delegates signatures if challenged