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To the Editor: Kirk isn’t a Republican, nor is he electable



Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.32.10 PM  Illinois U.S. Senator Mark Kirk is being challenged by businessman James Marter


I find it amusing when an earnest Republican, perhaps even a pro-lifer, says he is voting for Mark Kirk (holding his nose) because, “We can't afford to lose that Republican senate seat!”

I have two questions: First, why do we call Senator Kirk “Republican” when he does not vote with the Republicans on key issues??!! Republicans support the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms. Kirk does not. Republicans believe that “Sanctuary Cities” are clearly violating federal law, and keep violent felons (who are illegals) at large, while burdening welfare, school and health systems. Kirk, and all but two democrats, voted against the bill to penalize sanctuary cities.

Second, is Kirk electable? Kirk isn't popular with his own party, and had to hire people to get his candidate petition signatures. It makes far more sense to support James Marter, an Oswego businessman, who is RIGHT on these issues. Marter won the coin toss, and appears above Kirk on the March 15th primary ballot. Jim is an NRA member, pro-life, and worked 30 years in Information Technology and Project Management — a better fit for Illinois!

Jane Ryan Carrell

Roscoe, Illinois


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  1. Here is hoping Jim Marter starts running some ads in the small town newspapers to get his name out there. Small town local newspapers don’t charge much to run their political advertisements compared to the larger metropolitan newspapers. For Marter it is going to be all about “name recognition” more than anything else.
    Perhaps getting Marter on some of the local radio stations for interviews will also help to get his name out there. It is always tough to unseat an incumbent.

  2. Why did Kirk win his 2010 primary? During that election, all Illinois Republicans should have known that, most of the time that he was in the U.S. House, his rating from Planned Parenthood was 100% and that his rating from Gun Owners of America was 0%.

  3. The word “conservative” particularly when preceded by “fiscal” has become so elastic and to have no mearning. Backers from New Trier Township of the late U.S. Senator Chuck Percy also used to rationalize their support of Percy by saying it was important for Reagan to have a GOP Senate with Sen. Howard Baker in the chair as Majority Leader. That rationale was thin but Percy voted with Reagan just often enough so that people could stomach the seat in RINO hands. Not sure if that case can be made for Sen. Mark Kirk or not since he votes with Democrats so often that the GOP majority does not mean much.