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Cruz wins Iowa caucus, Trump comes in second, Rubio a surprise third




DES MOINES – The results of the 2016 Iowa Caucus are in, and Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) won with 28 percent of the vote. Donald Trump finished in a disappointing second place with 24 percent, while Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) surged to a close third place with 23 percent.

While Trump avoided talking social issues, Senators Cruz and Rubio made those issues a priority in Iowa, where evangelicals re-engaged in the voting process at an historic level. Over 180,000 Republicans made their way to the caucuses in their neighborhoods – a new all-time high. 

“Tonight proves one thing — if you won't prioritize protecting religious liberty, you won't win,” Terry Schilling, Executive Director at American Principles Project said. “Running on social issues is a winning strategy in both the GOP primary and in the general election. Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio prioritized life, marriage, and religious liberty, and Iowa caucus-goers agreed that their values most matched their own. With Rubio outperforming in Iowa and nearly beating Donald Trump, expect him to perform well in New Hampshire next week.”

Donald Trump's second place shows he is in trouble, Maggie Gallagher, a Senior Fellow at American Principles Project, said.

“Trump’s brand was ‘winning’ and he just lost,” Gallagher said. “He is going to find it increasingly hard to win if he continues to fudge and refuse to provide specifics on many issues, including religious liberty, and especially the First Amendment Defense Act. Religious liberty will be a key issue to liberty voters in New Hampshire as well.”

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders nearly tied, splitting the state's delegate count between them.

The nation's first primary will be held next Tuesday in New Hampshire, where Trump currently holds a double digit lead.

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