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Family PAC Announces Primary Election Endorsements


CHICAGO – Illinois-based Family PAC announced their state legislative endorsements for the March 15 Primary Election today. In an email to supporters, Paul Caprio, the head of the organization, noted that they "only endorsed candidates who have completed and IFI (Illinois Family Institute) candidate questionnaire," and candidates who "have an excellent record" on issues important to Family PAC.

According to Caprio, where there were two competing candidates who were both "good on social issues," they chose the candidate who had a "superior record on fiscal and reform Illinois issues including taxes."

Additional endorsements below:


  1. This is crazy. Paul Caprio dumps Sam McCann over 1 vote. Sam is a conservative social issues true believer. It’s shocking that Caprio would follow after Dan Proft’s lead over $10,000 from Dick Uihlein. Really??
    Caprio is an embarrassment to Illinois social conservatives.

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