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Gun groups pan proposed bill they say would ban hunting in Illinois




SPRINGFIELD – Gun groups are upset about a bill proposed by State Rep. Carol Sente (D-Vernon Hills) last week in the Illinois House that they say would ban hunting in Illinois:

The gun-grabbers are going all out with HB6008 in hopes of dealing a fatal blow to hunting and target shooting here in Illinois.

We all know that the next step would be a full out attack on defensive firearm ownership and the shuttering of gun shops.

Under HB6008, it would be illegal for anyone to discharge a firearm for hunting purposes within 1,000 yards of any building without the permission of the building owner or tenant. Yes, that’s right – 1,000 yards! What that means is that if you want to bag a rabbit for dinner, you have to get the permission of every person living or working within one square mile of where you’re standing. What are the odds of success with that endeavor?

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  1. As an Illinois resident, I think this state representative is exactly what we’re going to need during the next natural disaster apocalypse (I.E.: meteor strike, super volcano explosion) Pawns are going to need to be sacrificed during those trying times of a disaster of an apocalypse size. She’s exactly the type of individual that me and my family are going to trade to someone else for food, water, medical supplies, ammunition or safe passage through a Dangerous zone. She obviously has absolutely no survival skills whatsoever, so she will be useless to anyone trying to survive the above-mentioned apocalypse. You might need to send her out the front door, as a sacrifice, in order for you and your family to make it safely out the back door in an emergency.