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Illinois supporters share why they’re voting for James Marter



Two longtime friends of GOP candidate James MarterPatti and Mike Bolles – share why they're supporting Marter in the March 15th GOP primary:

Video produced by Michael Brown 


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  1. Share away. He’s going to lose BIG. 70%-30% Kirk wins, at a minimum.
    Then after that nonsense, we need to get ready for the Duckworth battle. So get this silliness out of your systems and get ready to hold the Senate seat.

  2. U.S. Senate hopeful James Marter decided to run for the U.S. Senate because of his frustration with Senator Mark Kirk’s voting record and the irresponsible spending by congress.
    I personally have noticed since Senator Kirk’s unfortunate severe stroke and incomplete recovery he has failed to make good voting decisions. While I wish him nothing but future good fortune; the reality is his health and incomplete recovery doesn’t allow him to maintain the grueling pace and schedule of a sitting U.S. Senator. Sadly, despite his courageous effort, the fact is Kirk is not the man he was when first elected.
    We Illinoisans need and deserve a senator who can maintain the fast pace and represent us competently in Washington DC . Business owner, James Marter is that guy and will be a Senator who will look out for the voters; not big corporations or establishment lobbyists like you know who does. James will vote to stop giving our tax dollars to foreign countries that hate us, crony capitalists, and end the “corporate welfare”. He’ll be a true public servant who will put Americans first! Isn’t that what we all want?
    I will be proud to say I voted for James T. Marter when he coasts to his victory over Mark Kirk!

  3. I completely disagree. The Kirk campaign is ignoring James Marter to their own demise. This is a very anti-establishment year. Kirk was the LONE senator to vote against defending sanctuary cities. All Republicans should at minimum stand for the rule of law.
    Further, Kirk has little support and funding. No one is really contributing because his seat is considered the most vulnerable to lose.